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My U3 thumb drive won't work at school, how can i fix this? Answered

I'm sure anyone familliar with U3 knows it brings up a menu, my regular flash drive works, because i can skip installing the software, but my U3 won't, and i can't acces it because of this. I have tried almost all of the admin hacks, is there another way to do it?



Best Answer 8 years ago

It's not possible to run an application if it is not in the allowed list of applications that the school's administration policy runs. Sorry.

try putting it in the back of the computer. i dunno, this might work.

That's what I've tried, it does not work :(

hmmm. not sure what to tell you. i'll look into it, but i don't know if ther is anything i can do. i don't usauallly use u3 because it isn't convienient. i'll look though.

The problem is that i still want the password protection. :(