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My WiFi doesn't turn on with my computer but when i turn on laptop after more than 5 hour then it does work sometimes ? Answered

hi guys i have problem i don't know why but my WiFi doesn't turn on with my computer even i start it again and again and also did start up-repair  and it say start up repair cannot fix it automatically. Do you know what should i do so my computer and WiFi  work properly :P



5 years ago

If repeated requests for registration information go unanswered,the Win7 version being used will be seen by Microsoft as non genuine.As a result, over time key features will be turned off or severely downgraded to the point where the user will have to buy a proper version.Sounds like this is whats happening to you right now, time to pony up some cash and grab Home Premium or switch to Linux( the best operating system money can't buy)

Good Luck


5 years ago

I think you are talking about the WIFI in your notebook and not the WIFI router , right?

If it is in the notebook, then go to the device manager and find the adapter and uninstall it. Restart the computer and it will find it as new hardware and install the drivers. If this doesn't work then look for updated drivers for the WIFI adapter. If it still doesn't work then it is possible that the adapter is going bad and you need to get a replacement USB one. They are pretty cheap and other than the hassle of having to plug them into the USB all the time they work really good.


Answer 5 years ago

it doesn't work dude but i think i need to get a new window cause i was using copy of window 7 starter from one year and it was keep saying type a product key before but now it say become a genius and also now it show a message of Microsoft i don't remember what it excellently says but it say something about window :P


5 years ago

is it a wifi issue or an internet issue.

Do you have more than one computer?

Im not no where near a computer expert but some things you can check.
1) do a factory restart on your router, clear all security and settings.
2) unplug your modem, unplug your router, physically unplug every cable including the one running from your cable.
3) let everything stay off for about 30 secs and then connect everything back up and restart it all at the same time.
4) restart windows, you should be able to connect to your now unsecured wifi.
5) if this works then go ahead and add the security
6) if this doesnt work then try connecting the computer directly to the router through a network cable.
7) if this doesnt work retstart the modem and try connecting the computer directly to the modem and see if you have internet.
8) if this doesnt work then its a windows issue and im out of answers.