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My Work Answered

These are some things I've made on Photoshop


That is cool man!


9 years ago

I have the latest in photoshop awesomeness!

My school computer has All CS3 programs..

I like the cat!! I wonder if I could get my cat to breed with a shark?

Some of those are pretty cool...I like the eyes...I've wanted photoshop for the longest time...I'm just wayyy to broke...lol

I can tell you how to get photoshop...... for free..... but it wouldn't be nessicarily.....a legal copy

coo... well.... A) I can let you "Borrow" my "borrowed" copy or B) just DL it of limewire.... look for "photoshop with serial" or "photochop cracked"... thats where I borrowed mine from. make sure its big enough to be photoshop....probably somewhere around 300 - 600 megs... so you don't DL a virus. if you want it direct from me.... I'll PM you when I get home from work and we can figure out a way to send it to you.....through MSN or.... something like that

i did all this stuff with Photoshop Elements 3.0, it's very cheap in price