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My Xbox hard drive died! I need help digging me out of this pit! Answered

I have the eeprom, I have copies of the E and C drives, I just need help starting over!  Please, if this doesn't get fixed my brother is going to hate me for ruining our xbox!  (Original xbox)



Best Answer 6 years ago

If it just died, be honest, tell your brother and let him fix it. You may make it more dead by having a go yourself and if you don't fix it it'll look much more like you broke it.
(If you did break it - how?)


well I am older than him, sorry not to mention it, I have a hard drive that I was going to replace it with, and I have the backup files stored on an Xbox hdm disk. I just need help figuring out what to do, and FAST!

I got the files on it now I just need to lock it. However when I try to do so it says it cannot lock a frozen drive.

I'm unfamiliar with what locked and frozen xbox drives are, I couldn't help with that...


Glad you fixed it - was the locked / frozen problem easily solved?


Well, I may have to replace it since I knocked the hard drive and It has sounded a little different since, but all I had to do was wait for the linux menu to load, THEN plug it in.

Do you know where to get xbox isos? I have whole a bunch of xbox games that are scratched beyond readability, super monkey ball deluxe, battlefront 2, star wars the clone wars, top spin, and a couple others.

Scratched can be fixed.
I did 3 bad DVDs with a Dremel-a-like and buffing-wheels.
Otherwise Google  it and be careful where you click.


Problem solved, I found theisozone.com, you just can't use IE9 and quite a few features suck unless you have a premium, but it's worth it. BATTLEFRONT!!!!