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My apologies all..... Answered

 Hey, just wanted to apologize for my not being around much of late.   My Mom has had to have 2 glaucoma and and 2 cataract surgeries and all the prep and followup appointments etc.  all have taken a bit of a toll on me, and definitely on my free time.

I WILL be getting back to the forums as soon as things are more "level" and less hectic....meanwhile, I have a few ideas for some projects if I can get some hardware cheap at a few garage sales before the season closes. 

I am still gathering a few parts for my "vintage" radio projects I have planned for later too.



ARRRRGH ! I DON'T recommend using AAA notary....what an gong head I had today.....would have left me much saner to just go to a lawyer and have them do it for twice the fee....at LEAST it'd be done now.

Positive thoughts, prayers and only the best to you and your family. Please try to take care of yourself while you care for your family. Be well.

Things are finally smoothing out a bit....a few more trips and we may have her in constant care so things are not so hard on everyone else.

Take care of the home front stuff, we know you'll be back when you get time.
Spoil Mom a bit, and take some time for yourself too. Looking forward to the 'vintage' projects, I loved building super het rigs as a Ham.

Taking time for myself doesn't seem to be in the picture for at least a month or so. With having to take care of my wife, and now my Mom (although she doesn't liver "here"; just taking care of her affairs) has become more than I can bear....am trying to get some of her sisters to help with some of this, but am not having a lot of luck.

The "vintage" projects I mentioned, will be a bit simpler then a full rig (you all my be completely UNDERwhelmed, when you see them), but they were fascinating to me.


7 years ago

Sure thing, see you when you get back! Say "Hi" to your mom for us!

I will drop in occasionally from work when I have a moment during a backup, but I won't be able to contribute much. Thanks for replying.

Mike, you are in my thoughts and prayers.