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My arms wont/haven't buff up, and eating problems Answered

               So I have been working out since 3rd week of December last year and maintained regular workouts and exercises weekly , I've done dozens of reps of push-ups, Pull-ups, barbell curls and other barbell exercise, some face pull, squats, Pumpings, curl-ups and couple of abdominal Muscle Exercise. I know im a bit too young for a 15 year old, but I've been skinny and thin since grade school, so i've decided to get on the muscular exercises.
               I started it last year's summer but i wasn't able to do it regularly and mostly busy on my studies and some school activities. I noticed my biceps, shoulder muscles, abdominal muscle (it seems the upper muscle is in pretty good shape, the ones below the ribs except the lower ones), my calf muscle, thighs seemed to improved but it seems they just getting harder or something like that but it is not growing bigger and I still look Skinny. I know good body shape take months and years of hard work but it just seems like nothing is happening to me.

                Also, I think i got a problem on my eating habit, I dont always feel full or satisfied, that when I eat Im still hungry but i can't take any more food. And I also noticed I mostly cant swallow my food even if it's grinned in my mouth, that I need to drink any beverages to swallow it, the problem when i drink to swallow my food is that i always feel full because of the water, but even if i eat without drinking much water, I still cant finish my food.

              Im still skinny as hell


Free medical advice from strangers online is frequently worth less than you pay for it.

If you are genuinely worried, talk face-to-face with a qualified medical practitioner.

I would do that if it really is necessary or i couldn't get any help from others, but its just i look weak and sometimes teased, wanted to somehow protect myself or someone close to me.

i used to get picked on when i was in High school cause i was skinny, you need to find some friends and hang out in a group, bullies dont like groups.

Do martial arts or find a club with your interests.

No worries guys, i just wanted to have thicker arms, i just find my partner in a performance feels awkward dancing with me, so i need to get bigger a bit. Still, thanks for the advices

You don't need brute strength, you need skills. Think of taking a martial arts class.

Girls like guys with skills, you know computer hacking skills, nunchuck skills bow hunting skills

Talk to a doc about your diet.

Now for the exercise thing: Bulk is less important than strength and mobility in dance, real life, and most sports. It sounds like you've gotten stronger since you started the weights, but you're not pleased with the results due to lack of size. From the way you've described your regimen, you're doing lots of repetitions with relatively low weights: that's the routine given to athletes who need strength without size. Lower reps, higher weights should help on the size front. Eventually. You're 15 and have trained for only about a year, so I wouldn't sweat it just yet. Focus on building strength instead of getting bigger, make sure your form is impeccable when you're lifting weights (to avoid injuries and maximize your results), and make sure to eat things that are good for you with maybe a little extra emphasis on protein.

Pacquiao started boxing at 16 as a light flyweight (47kg), and he had put weights in his pockets to reach the minimum weight requirements. Just sayin'.

Don't worry you are 15.

Look at your parents and you will see your self in 20+ years.

Everyone has a different normal and a steroid infused hulk is not normal.

When you are 55 fat bald and gray like me you will wish you had the body you have now.

As to the eating problem, what do you eat?

It can be your diet, if your blood type is 0- you may not be meant to be a vegan, studies have shown a link between diet and blood types. 0- is linked to people who are hunter gathers and need the complicated proteins in meat.

A good vegetarian diet uses complementary proteins like rice and beans that together make the complicated proteins as in meat.

The trouble swallowing see a Doctor and a Dietitian to make sure you are eating right for your body chemistry.



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I like what kiteman said

At 15 you should not worry about dieting for two reasons: you are starting puberty and you are physically active. Also remember that we can't change our genes. If Mom and Dad are thin, chances are that you will resemble them now and in the future. Eat healthy, consume plenty of proteins in order to build muscle and eat complex carbohydrates that come from fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water, don't forget to keep yourself hydrated. It is important that you develop a healthy self image. Do not allow others to influence you and do not listen to any advice from your friends or schoolmates. If you have any concerns, contact your parents, your teachers, your school nurse or your doctor. Remember that people will like for who you are and not because you have bulging muscles.

I need measurements your height, your weight and how many calories you eat in a day, dont just guess on the calories but actually record what you eat for at least a week including beverages, exact amounts (cup of rice, a coke etc).

All the muscles you have in your body, you were born with since birth. In order for those muscles cells to get bigger is you got to feed them real food, proteins, amino acids, if your drinking cokes, then stop and only drink milk and water. Stop the caffeine and any supplements other than a multivitamin, no starbucks. You also need to be hydrated. Get you a nice water bottle and carry that bad boy around, you should be drinking a gallon every day. Your body will absorb it and that will help you bulk up some. Plus being dehydrated will reduce performance by 20%.

Fat people and skinny people have real high risk for heart disease.

If you got obama care then go to your dr and get some blood work and vitals done. Im sure everything is fine but you might be kicking your own butt if you gots diabetes or something (the sugars)

I'm 5feet and 6 inches tall, above 45 Kg and like i said im 15 years old. As a typical filipino we eat mostly with rice, i eat half the plate (plate is somewhat 10 inches) with rice then meat some leafy veggies and fishes more than once in a week. And it seems I drink about 10 glasses of soft drinks every week. Mostly i take multivitamins and some times Cherifer (height enhancer or something, i was a bit smaller 2-3 years ago, it has chlorella and some else) and some vitamin C.

of course your going to be taller than you were 2-3 years ago, especially during puberty. Your only like 6kg underweight. Thats the weight of about 6L of water. Sounds like your still growing so its going to take some time for your body to thicken out.

I would lay off all sodas, if you can drink milk that is good for extra protein.

Ideally you should be taking in about 2200-2500 calories a day. For every pound of gain you will need to increase 500 calories a day.

Fruits are good natural source of sugars, meats and beans are good for protein, and leafy vegetables for vitamins and fibers, breads and rice for energy.

Thanks! I would be eating more fruit and drink more milk. My mom says im acidic because i puked early morning yesterday, so I'm really not getting in to soda again. Glad for the info :D

Go climbing. Much funner than wasting time lifting weights.

it really is adventurous but I think that would take longer before i could go climbing, would pull ups do? well that was fast reply!