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My b-day is TODAY :-D :-D Answered

Its February 28. Its My birthday! Sup yall? that is all. We got a party, we got a party! yo! Word. Ok, that was one of my raps. That is all I have to say.


Getting old, double figures now?

Heh, probably just turned his shoe size. :D (American shoe size, not the British funky sizes)

I'm proud of ya, that's quite a bit of restraint on your part, it's nice you didn't go the IQ score route...

Hehe, thank you sir. I was thinking about that also. Goes along with, "The temperature in this room is higher than your IQ!"

if you said that, then i would have said "then this room is boiling hot, hot enough to boil water"

Only took you a month to think of that? ;D

no, I didnt see your comment until yesterday.

FUNKY? They're monstrous!

nah, I wear size 12 atm, and the shoes are not on a regular scale (half size smaller than normal)

exactly one month before that it my birthday! lol.


9 years ago

happy birthday

thanks.......one day later.

srry i was skiing yesterday

My friends are pretty good free-stylers.

Huppy burthday!

two comments above where you should have said that.

I believe I already said it, but: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! or Hape birdtay

Happy late Birth-late-day.

Um..... Happy Birthday!


9 years ago

Hey, happy birthday!

Thanx! Means a lot coming from an admin!

. Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday !!!

Yo, put your hands in the air, like you just don't...nah Somehow I think you've grown up. Happy Birthday to you.

Yea, well have a good one! L

Happy Birthday DJ.