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My backpack (with Instructables Robot!) Answered

Well, I decided to put my Instructables Robot patch on my backpack. I hope that people at school will notice it, and come up to me and tell me that they use it too. I also hope that they will go home, type in the link, and use this website! Here's what it looks like.


Dude, I love World Industries the are tied with Element in my mind for best skateboard company. By the way sweet backpack! Do you skate?

Nice idea. I'm less subtle about promoting 'ibles on my site - I show off some of the cool stuff on my interactive whiteboard, and have an A4 poster version of the sticker on my lab door.

"...on my site..."?? I meant ... in my school ...

Kiteman has a senior moment...

Haha. I wish I could print out a huge Instructables Robot poster. I might do this, but with the Instructables Robot, and I'll put it on my wall. Wouldn't that be cool?

There's an 'ible about "rasterbating" somewhere, for turning small images into giant posters.

Rasterbating...always makes me laugh when I read that word.

Me too. It kind reminds you of something, doesn't it?!

Why? Do you giggle at the thought of beautiful vector images put to use by scaling them to gigantic sizes? Oh... rhymes...

You should have the file and send it to Staples and have them make a poster. (Do they do that?)

I don't know, probably not. If yes, it'll probably cost you some MOOLA!!!!!!

Meaning he is a senior. Life is good :-D

Also, what's the code thing for the small words? I forgot. :-( Haha.

either use superscriptorsubscript symbols (not those words)

Kiteman has a senior moment...

It only gets worse :-)

Is your interactive white board called a SmartBoard? Because we use a few of them at our school as well. They are really awesome.

We have those! They're so much fun.

I have a Starboard at the moment. It's pants, mainly because it was installed by fools (speakers upside down, dry joints in the solder, hid rubbish in the false back of a cupboard). It was a poor purchasing choice (the pens cost 140GBP each, and die after being dropped only once or twice by children).


I'm getting a Smartboard next month!

Starboard...because you do things right.

(apology in advance ;0) )

Is it one of the cool new ones with built in projector that never needs calibrating? We have them in all our rooms :D Along with super cool desks like the old-school flip up ones, but on the bottom of the lid is a monitor and keyboard. :-)

The projector is hanging from the ceiling, and occasionally needs calibrating, but I've noticed that the calibration function is now a top-level menu option, not hidden deep through several layers of options, so it only takes a few seconds now instead of five minutes.

Nice! If only I could claim my stuff with out risk to life and limb...

Yeah, it won't happen. I have two patches on my bag (one I bought and one I got for my ible), and no one comes up and says, "hey, I'm on that site too!". I got one person to join, but he faded quickly.

Check out my friend Half Bite, I got him to make an account a few days ago. He was using Instructables before he made the account, he liked it, so he made an account. He's cool. ;-)