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My beloved Seagate 6GB pocket hard drive is dying. What should I replace it with? Answered

I've had this pocket-sized external hard drive for almost five years.  It's taken a beating, and I'm bumping up against the size limit.  I'm looking to replace it and hoping for some insight from the Instructables community.  Here's some bullet points:

-I use this mostly for file storage and portable apps right now, but replacing it with something that will play MP3s would be a plus. Video is not necessary.
-Minimum storage size would be 8GB, but if I'm playing music, it would need to be larger.  Ideally upwards of 40GB.
-Portability is essential.  The current drive, when the cord is rolled up, is just shy of 3" in diameter.  I'd like something that's equally pocketable.  This also means the USB cord or connector must be integrated.  As far as I'm concerned, it's not portable if I have to carry a cable with me.
-That said, I don't want it too small or I'm afraid I'd lose it. :-)
-Price point is below $100.

Any suggestions?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Get an 8 gig. thumb drive.

THey're about $20 right now. Maybe less.

If you're afraid you'll loose then get one you can put cord on and put a wrist strap, neck strap or keychain on it. Put it in an altoids box with an extension cable. 

It's not good economics to pay 5 times as much for less secure storage just because "you might loose it".

Good advice! I didn't think about making it bigger manually. Guess I should have at Instructables, eh? :-) Come to think of it, I could probably gut the Seagate and put a flash drive inside it. Hmmm......

...and then buy a bigger microSD card for my BlackBerry so I can play more music with it. I think that's probably my best plan. If only I could get 32GB in a microSD, that would be perfect.

Wow! Cool. I was looking at Newegg, and it appeared they didn't go above 16.

It may not even be on the market yet. I didn't see a date in the article. But it should be available soon if not now.

A froogle search finds SanDisk and Kingston 32GB microSD cards, but they range in price from$130-$290, so out of my price range at the moment.

That is so funny, I LOVE my 5 GB! Here's a link I found for some 6GB. I'm thinking of getting some for my students. (they lose the thumb drives too easilly) www.pocketdrive6.com Good luck!

You're kidding me! This thing was $125 when I first got it, and I just spent over $40 on a 16GB flash drive to replace it. Grr. Where were you two weeks ago? :-P


8 years ago

Your best bet for ultimate portability is a USB thumb drive, as others have said. You can get a 64GB thumb drive starting at about $125. Less than $100 for a 32.

Yeah. I think that's what I'm going to do.

If you websearch for "pocket USB hard drive", you'll find lots of small external drives available for reasonable prices. Some MP3 players can indeed set aside a data directory and be used for random files -- my Archos can, and the old yp910 I was using before it likewise. (In fact, I've more often used the later as a 20G external hard drive than as a music player.) Check the specs. Upside is that you have something that can play music portably; downside is that the extra hardware does add to the cost. FWIW: My collection of about 350 CDs fits in 16GB as high-quality (ie, not-very-compressed) MP3 files. That may be useful as a basis for estimating how much storage you'll need in order to carry both your audio collection and your computer files.

Thanks for the suggestions. I've already "backed up" my CD collection, and it takes up about 23GB right now. That's my basis for the 40GB estimate, assuming room for apps, files, and future expansion. What model Archos do you use? Does it have integrated USB?