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My biggest childhood crisis!!! Answered

that reminds me one time I got a bead stuck up my nose it was up so far you couldn't feel it if you stuck your finger as far up as you could. that night I went to a hospital and it took 4 nurses to hold me down while they stuck small vacuums up my nose. ( I was actually over powering the nurses and I was only 7 years old.) I could see blood going up the vacuums tubes.... all failed that night so I want home and went to bed. the next morning my mom took me to a eyes nose and ears doctor ad he just numbed my nose with a little dropper and suck a piece of curved metal up there (I still screamed a lot but I tried not too move) and hooked it around the bead and he pulled it right out. one try. it felt so weird with that thing up my nose. on the way home my mom took me to toys 'R' us and bought me two lego sets. I was like "oh yeah"!!!!



9 years ago

I had my stomach pumped out once when my parents thought I had eaten toadstools (apparently I came home with a basket full and said something like "look! Yummy mushrooms!" I was 6, I think.) Not at all a pleasant experience... (much later, I began to understand what a LOCAL thing this is, in a global context. In other parts of the world, most of the wild mushroom-like things are edible, and most of the snakes are venomous. In the US, most of the wild mushroom-like things are deadly poisons, and most of the snakes are safe...)

It turns out that I hadn't actually eaten any. I'm pretty sure I liked my mushrooms cooked. But when you have a situation like that, as a parent, it is NOT the time to try to extract accurate information from a 6-year old about whether he did or did not eat any of the poison mushrooms. Getting the stomach pumped is comparatively easy and cheap compared to (say) a liver transplant. (Of course, this was back about 1965; I don't think they DID liver transplants...) ("lol" ?!)

On the bright side though, i bet all those 6 year old girls were checking you out wondering if yo lost weight

Not likely. I was pathetically small and scrawny; routinely about the same size as my brother, who was 3 years younger than me (once he passed toddlerhood; I don't mean that I was the size of a 3y-old when I was six, but I was pretty much the size of a 9-year old when I was 12. I was even too small for the bullies to pick on. This did mean that I wasn't much good at "guy sports", and I had lots of girl friends. Till puberty made everything so complicated, anyway. I grew about 18 inches in high school and ended up at the low end of average height, and was still really scrawny. (See the college-era photos on my orangeboard.) Alas, I have gained significant weight since college. I figure the first 20 pounds or so were good for me, but I didn't stop there. Sigh.

When I was a toddler until I was about 6, I was about 10 or 20 pounds underweight. My parents told me I had to eat a little more. So I listened. how I look right now is a good example of how I heard too well. ahaha. Hopefully I will get a little narrower when I grow taller.

I got lost backstage at our concert hall right before my orchestera's preformance...

Made it back just in time >.>

just the basics i can go up and down the ¼ & ½ pipes easily im very good at just cruzing around i never fall off, nothing special my ripstik broke tho

nice I cant really grind a on mine but on my skate board I can 50 50 accros my 12 foot (ROUND not square) rail

Broke my left collar bone in two places (you could move the bit in the middle), went to hospital had to wait 3 HOURS for an xray guy to arrive to make sure it was broken. I had to get a bolt thing stuck in there to hold it together, guess what was happening the next day, THE BLOODY SCHOOL CAMP and I was stuck in a hospital bed.

Hmm, my worst one has to be my gallbladder. for a few years previous to the surgery, about every other month, I got mind boggling pain in my chest, it felt like 20 cutting torches, all together blowing all the way through my chest around my left lung. The pain doubled me over for a week once, a 5 hour episode was the quickest. I couldnt move or the pain got worse which in turn would cause more moving, the doctors thought it was heartburn. Then I was taken in during an episode (it hurt like, well, words cant really describe), I then went to the hospital, they ran a bunch of tests, and starved me for 4 days, then sent me through surgery to remove the gallbladder, which had monster stones in it, then i was starved for 4 more days then i was told i couldnt really eat fatty foods. I had a salad and went home. Im soooooooooooooo happy, now I haven't gotten one attack since.
Also I'm terribly injury prone, mildly gory pics here.

Well, I am pretty injury prone and it usually ends bloody, but today it didn't end that way, just a bruise (counter corners suck sometimes).

i got caught in a tornado 2 miles from home by myself and i didnt want to get hit by lightning so i abbandoned my bike and walked home under a makeshift umbrella made of cardboard and the idiot police didnt find me till i was 20 feet from my house after like a half an hour of looking for me and on a seperate occasion i accidentally rode my bike (the same one i abbandoned in the storm) into a lake full of poop wich ruined my bikes cargo consisting of duct tape wallets (i sell them) and i had to trudge home then too (it had temporarily messed up my bikes gears) supprisingly my bike is in perfect condition at the current time but i hardly ever use it cause we moved to a tiney neighborhood so now i longboard down the freshly paved hill and my arm hurts from playing wii sword fighting so much and i am really achey from longboardin non-stop yesterday

The other day I got injured. Twice. On different occasions. 1)Early in the morning, my cousin came round. I was running away from her, just playing. I tried to climb up between 2 parallel walls, and then I pulled a muscle in my chest and fell down because of it. 2)Later, I was walking downstairs and had a stab of pain. I fell down backwards, hurt my back, winded myself for about 3 minutes. I fell from about 2/3 of the way up. Still hurting.

I get stabs of pain in my right shoulder every month or so and when I'm in a bad place that can end really bad.

When I was 6 I fell down some concrete stairs and got a Sunkist for being a "big boy". Mm... Sunkist.

I've got two bullet holes in me. My nose has been broken seven times. My fist has been broken, ribs, both collar bones, blew one knee out, nearly had the other kneecap cut out (nice scar). I've been stabbed with about every kind of metal shard or wood piece that could be ACCIDENTALLY shoved into my hide (not to mention the couple of things with which I was intentionally stabbed). I've fallen 30 feet. I've had to fight off 10 men at once (needless to say...I lost, but none of them wanted to get together to try that again either). I've been knocked unconscious and had chips knocked off my shin (bone worked its way out for years). Amazingly, I have few scars that are readily visible. I know where they are though. Other than these few things, I really haven't had much bad happen to me. Oh yeah, I did have my left index finger (end joint) explode when "pinched" in a machine. I reorganized the "stuff," taped it up, and went back to work. It has some freaky scars, but it works fine and doesn't feel very much different from the other. It has been a good life. There's plenty of memories to savor.

Not as bad as a pecan...

i had the same sorta things happen to me but i had a rice crispy stuk up there. also i climbd on my dads car and was standing on the bonet an the i tripped over and fell about 2 ft and split my head open the had to have a x-ray i was about 2-3 when that happend

bit through my tongue. ouch

when i was 2, i broke my leg sitting in a barstool in my kitchen, i climbed up there myself, and started wobbling. the tall barstool fell over, me on it, and when i was on the ground, (crying) , the chair was still wobbling. the heavy,metal, barstool fell on the leg i probably broke on the fall anyway, and. i went to the hospital.can't 'member much after that.

wow you can remember that I cant remember anything from when I was 2.

im going to "copy" 7UP's style.

*i dont remember it at all but from what my parents told me, it hurt* I was bouncing on our couch when i slipped and landed on my arm on the tile. Broken arm #1

I asked my mom if I could walk our dog, Boo. She said yes and I ran to the lease, hooked it on my dog, and ran out the door. I failed to hear the entire thing of "But have your brother hold her leash". As we we're about half way up the street, our chiauau(spelling) owning dogs were also walking there dogs. (i was wearing no shirt because we just went swimming) and my dog decided she wanted tacos, and I had to come along. Log story short, i had (and still have) scars ALL along my entire right side, mainly my leg and shoulder.
AGE: 4-5

I was at my bros Vollyball game when i was walking up the bleachers. 2 steps up, i slip. Braces and "pair" of stitches #1
AGE: around 6-7

It was a nice weekend day in the morning. I ate some sausages for breakfast and went upstairs to change. My cute and cuddly little pet rats were in there cages. I put my lips to the cage(one of my rats would give me "kisses"), but instead of getting a "good morning!" I got a "Wake me again and you die!". I got my 2nd " pair" of stitches on my lip. Basically in the same exact spot. THe "nice" docter said "I hope the rat doesn't get anything"

I was at my best friends house playing a round of Wii Bowling, when he asked me if I wanted to help him walk his dogs. I said yes and he told me to ride his bike. My parent's rules is "No helmet, no biking" I put the helmet on and we set off. Half-way back to his house, I guess I wanted to do a bit of 11-43 (doctor req.) and started to ride towards a parked car. When i thought " WTH" i turned, pulling the handbrakes too. I "flew" over the handlebars, landing on my right thigh on the wheel bolt, then landing on my arm. ALOT of things were blurry, but i remember My friend picking me up and dragging me to the curb, to avoid oncoming cars. He "assesed" the "damage" and said I might have broken my arm (which later proved to be correct) On the way back to the house (him holding two golden retriever collors, a bike while on skates and me walking) he pointed out My leg was bloody. It was VERY bloody. I just want to say that we walked by this one house where these girls were our side (id say 15-16 yrs. old) I was screaming my head off thinking "wtf Wtf WTF!!!!'" while they asked my friend "Is he OK?" I got my 3"pair" of stitches on my leg, a cast, and some McNiggets for dinner. Plus around 3 weeks of school off.

I find one of the only differences in mine and 7UP's, my brother didnt cause any of it. lol.

good luck finding that pain. try jumping down the steps or going in a cardboard box and rolling down lol.

This reminds me... When i was little i used to stick popcorn cernals up my nose... One got so deep in there that Me and my family took a hour just to get it out I lmost had to go to the hospital...

That's awesome! I almost got a penny stuck up my nose.

My great grandfather swallowed a dime once (back in the early 1900's) he had to wait and retrieve it. Money was hard to come by back then!

That's earning a dime the hard way LOL

A dime can almost fit in my belly button...