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My candles are sinking? Answered

I made some candles earlier today, by melting existing candles and pouring them into a mould ( a pepsi can) 2 hours later this has happened (see below)!

Why has this happened and how can I reverse/ stop it?




Best Answer 8 years ago

Hot substances expand, cool substances contract.

All that's happening is that the hot wax is contracting as it cools.

Try warming your mould so that the outside does not cool so quickly - the wax will still shrink, but more evenly.

Alternatively, melt more wax and use it to top-up the dips.


8 years ago

Many, many years ago, I was a Scoutmaster and my Troop made candles in 1/2 pint and pint size Mason jars to sell for a charity project.
Initially, we had the same problem, we solved it fairly well by setting the empty jars in hot water, pouring the melted wax in the jars and letting the whole works cool until the wax solidified. That eliminated almost all of the settling of the candle wax. Should work for aluminum cans too.

You can pour it when it's cooler (i.e. starting to set a little around the edges), otherwise - Kiteman.