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My cat just climbed BEHIND one of the kitchen cabinets, like, in the wall... how do I get her out? Can she climb out? Answered


Also, stop to think about whether that space behind the wall connects to anything. Sometimes the other side is open to an unfinished closet, or to behind the drawers, or under the sink, or something of that sort.

If not... my reaction would be to investigate unbolting that cabinet and moving it away from the wall. Probably easier, and safer for the cat, than the alternative of trying to cut thru the back of the cabinet.


Best Answer 7 years ago

She got in and she can probably get out easy. If she went down from the top, To help you might lower a strip of towel in the hole for her to climb out on. Be sure to anchor your end of the towel.

can't- it's just a crack again- though we may be able to open it up, then the towel would just catch in the crack- but i'm afraid we'd scare her back farther

Next time she tries to get in, cover the crack with craft foam.

Did she get out yet?

I'm not sure how she'd managed it, but after an hour and a half she was sitting on the kitchen floor- with a little bit of encouragement.

We send the fire department out for this regularly -- Either do as the others suggest, and jam the crack open/try and get her out with food. She WILL come when she gets tired of being in the wall -- otherwise if she gets in distress, call the fire department :) They'll be happy to cut a hole in your wall. Cats can squeeze through TINY gaps.

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Thank you, I mulled over your suggestions, all of you and got her out! Was she happy!


7 years ago

Put a small dish of her cat food near where she went in, she'll come out on her own when she gets ready.

and, that crack isn't open any more- she just squeezed in

Wedge it open large enough for her to get her head through and leave it open, she'll come out sooner or later.

We did, tuna, shrimp, food, treats... but i don't know if she can come out, your see it's at a corner, in a tiny crack- less than a centimeter thick, that she pushed open. what do you think?