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My cell phone screen wont show up and i cant recieve or dial calls either how can i make my phone work? Answered

my (LG cosmo) phone is not turning on, i was washing dishes and started texting with my hands being wet sadly  to that brilliant idea  consequences are my phone will light up but only the front and not the keyboard but screen will say verizon but will start vibrating and then screen wont turn on what are some ways to make it turn on i really need my phone ASAP any easy suggestions and will puting my phone infrony of the cooler be any help?


You should have asked "My phone got wet, now it's dysfunctional, (how) can I fix it?".
Take it apart and dry it out good. A warm & dry place for a couple of days, battery & SIM out, cover off.


Turn it off. Pull the battery out, and bury it into a container of uncooked rice (to absorb the moisture). Let it sit like that for a day or 2, and then give it a try again.... Hopefully nothing is fried.