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My chili is too hot, how do I cool it down? Answered

The chilli I made last night is too spicy hot (I'm OK with it but the kids found it a bit too spicy) what can I do to cool it down a bit?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Add more beans, ground beef, some tomato paste and water to the desired consistency.

Garnish with shredded cheese, and/or avocado, and/or chopped tomatoes and/or sour cream. If the kids like black olives or bell peppers, don't be shy about adding them, too.

lol... that's what I would do, anyway. ;-)

Another thought is to serve the chili with lightly buttered saltine crackers.

My husband is a tad spoiled. He feels neglected if I give him "plain" crackers with his chili. ;-)

stir in refried beans until they desolvep

I just realized my chili is too spicy for my kids. So I went running to my computer to find out how to "cool it off". After reading them, I had no more anything "extra" as its all in my chili. What I DID have tho, is buttermilk ranch salad dressing on hand. I keep adding & tasting to see how much was right. It made it a bit of a creamy tomato colored chili color and it tastes AMAZING. Topped with a dollop of shredded cheese, sour cream and diced chives~meal is now saved! Wanted to share :) **No ranch taste either, which is amazing!**

I've tried all methods and the ONLY two methods that work and won't ruin your chili:

If you wanna eat it now: Just add the juice from 1/2 of a lime to approx. 4-6 cups of chili or any bean concoction; I just did this with my black-eyed peas and ham hock stew and it worked like a charm. The natural acid of limes (or lemon) really work on neutralizing the heat of the capsicum oil and I feel that it brightens the flavor as well.

If you wanna eat it another day: Freeze it into 2-4 separate batches and add one or more of these to a new batch of the same chili but without hot peppers to balance it.

Serve it with a tall glass of milk.

Burning taste buds are good for children, builds character.

I dont know if it will work for chili but if I make a curry too hot I dice an apple into small cubes and mix that in. Adds a bit of flavour and crunch while reducing spiciness.

Cook some canned, stewed tomatoes, and tomato paste over med-low heat until the tomatoes have reduced slightly and softened (falling apart). Add tomatoes to a portion of the chili (for the kids), and about a teaspoon (maybe 2) of sugar (to taste). It will help to cancel out the spiciness, along with the tomatoes helping to mellow out the recipe. Serving the chili with a glass of cold milk (and maybe ice cream for dessert), may also get them eating the left overs! ;)


6 years ago

You can't except by diluting it. Make more chili without the spice and add it to the too hot batch. Or serve it with some sour cream or a glass of milk which will have some cooling effects on the palate.

Thank you Burf, I rather suspected that was the only way. One astroboy will eat soured cream, but the other one won't touch the stuff. Looks like there will be plenty of chili in the freezer!

Put alot of water haha. Or milk.

Add natural yoghurt - and don't tell anyone.