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My complete ball tower showcase Answered

Just figured I'd post the images of all my ball machines (at least the ones I HAVE images of, mind you :D)

Click on the pictures to see details of them.

Fun Facts:
-Although Enigma was much larger than Dynamo, it took half as long to build.
-On Dynamo, the part with the Flexi-Tube and Ferris Wheel was initially a Maze (or, as I call it, a Ribcage). Due to balls having trouble making it through, I decided to replace it.
-On Enigma, I had initially planned it to be two 8-foot-tall towers. Unfortunately, with all the elements I wanted to put in, I had to alter my design to make them all fit.
-Both of the two machines have at least two loops on them and a spiral bowl.
-The red staircase in Enigma goes across the machine instead of from one tower to another one adjacent to it.
-Both machines have seven path separators.

EDIT: New ball machine added.

Feel free to comment, and if you want to showcase any ball towers you've built, be my guest.
Here are vids:



9 years ago

Mine is so much better, :P


That technically is not a ball machine because the ball is fixed, I think, =P.

yes, it can be unfixed without the grey connector on the top, so it is a ball machine

So the ball comes off the red rod?

no, but its not fixed in place

ok, lets just end this conversation and call me the winner. for the smallest ball machine would be a plain ball, role it on the ground.

I beat you. My smallest ball machine was two blue 3D connectors interlocked together. Then you attempt to roll it around.

but yours has two pieces (two blue connectors) mine is only one ball! haha!

I win! just a plain marble! has nothing to do with knex....

It'd take too long to explain. Put it from your mind for now. You will know after awhile.

Just wait for middle school...

no, cause the ball willl eventually stop, where as this will only stop when you turn off the motor

Basically, the wheel lifts the ball as high as it can reach?

It still isn't a ball machine because the ball doesn't come off the rod.

it harnesses balls, thus it is a ball machine. (DO NOT MAKE ANY IMMATURE COMMENTS YOU IMMATURE, IMMATURE PERSON.)

Good point. I guess you could just call it some really small drop tower.

Thanks, it was really easy after I got the idea.