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My computer got hit with a virus of some kind, what should I do? Answered

Usually this kind of stuff isn't an issue, but this one is really bad.  I can boot up the computer, but can't login unless it's in safe mode, and I can burn a boot disk if necessary.  If I try to login, it just logs me off.  Any Ideas? 



Best Answer 6 years ago

It may not be a virus. A true virus will often disable safe mode too. You could have a malware problem which can be cleaned by using Malewarebytes which you can download and install in safe mode.
Another possibility is that your user account has become corrupt which does happen sometimes. From safe mode try creating a new user account and log into that and see if things work. If it works then you have a problem either with the old account or you have a program that is loading that is screwing things up.
And that is yet another path, from safe mode go into the msconfig (Type it into the run box to start it) and disable all the stuff in the start up. If after doing that you can start normally then go back through and enable a few things at a time until you find the one causing the problem. A lot of things can cause problems besides a virus.
We once wrote a batch file that contained the log off command. Once it was put into the start up folder it caused the exact problem that you are describing. The OS would execute the start up folder, hit the batch file and then log off.


malwarebytes, adaware, and spybot s&d are all great free tools to try from safe mode before panicking.

okay, so that seemed to have solved half the problem. Now when I log in in regular mode and try to run a program, it says: Insufficient system resources available.

at least the killer script is gone -- might need to try the removal tools one more time - sounds as if there might still be remnants of the virus...

do you have sufficient privilege to run ms security essentials and do a scan?

complete status update: I deleted my account and ALL MY files. This, combined with malwarebytes or whatever lets me login. However, when I try to open a program, I get the previously mentioned message.
Note 1: I have windows xp
Note 2: I will mess around more tomorrow. (it's 11:30 here)

Sometimes you have to run the scans several times, in safe mode and regular boot up before they get everything cleaned up.

You didn't need to delete all your user files, just create a new user account and leave the corrupt one, just don't log into it anymore. That way you can recover stuff like pictures and documents.

The error statement "Insufficient system resources available" can apply to any number of things. Usually its caused by a specific program more than by the windows system. If you Google the phrase you will get all kinds of stuff about this happening with various programs. So you need to figure out just which program is causing it and possibly reinstall it. If it is actually windows that is doing it then check the Microsoft web site and they will have instructions on how to adjust the system settings. They may even have an auto fix. I didn't look that far.

Well, if everything is toast; perhaps its time for a windows reinstall.

one problem here, my parents installed a web filter from doom that won't let you do ANYTHING in safe mode because the program doesn't respond. I can't get online so I'm guessing disks are my only hope?

Just download them on to a USB drive from another computer. Even a library computer should allow you to do that. USB works in safe mode.

talk to your parents -- get the free software and make sure you're safe/protected.

As Vyger mentions - get the installers on usb or disk.

Any time you get a virus the best thing to do wipe the drive and reinstall everything. I hope you have a backup of your important data. If not this is a good lesson for why you should keep at least 1 backup.

The problem with viruses are they get into everything. Just when you think you cleaned it off the drive you find it pops up again cause it was hiding or attached to some very important windows file. So the best way to get rid of it is to completely wipe and reformat the drive. You will want to use an outside program to format and clean the drive. Don't boot back into the system at all. A good bit of software for clearing the drive would be Darik's Boot And Nuke. You will need to create a boot disk or bootable USB thumb drive. But don't use the infected PC to create the drive/disk. The infected PC will either prevent you from creating the dick/drive or it will infect the Disk/drive as well.

I've got a format disk that does that, but if I did that my parents would kill me. :)

You could do as mpilchfamily said, or the way I like to do it is use Knoppix (free) booted off of a CD and use the antivirus cleaner included with Knoppix, or find and delete the virus manually (which is what I normally do).

Reboot your computer in Safe Mode with Networking and then install or update your Antivirus and then run it. Do the same for Malware. Allow the programs to quarantine or remove anything they find. There are other measures you can take if that doesn't solve the problem, but you should do that first.