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My computer is playing up? Answered

Hi, my sisters computer was running really slow. She rebooted it and upon reboot the computer made a high pitch beeping when loading files. It took about 45 minits to finally boot in still making the high pitch beep from the speakers the whole time. After everything loaded the computer slowed down and stopped beeping but came really un-responsive and was too slow to load anything. When booting into safe mode the computer still beeps and takes a long time to start up but runs well (loading some programs is still a issue) . System idle CPU usage jumps around randomly. Memory usage seems normal.
I was thinking that it could be a issue with the OS but not sure.I haven't tried booting from another drive.

HP Pavillion dm1
Windows 7 64bit
4GB ram
AMD E-450 1.65GHz

What do you think could be wrong???


+1 @ mpilchfamily.

It could be a lot of different things. It could be a problem with the OS files getting corrupted, it could be a virus, it could even be a virus corrupting OS files. It could be overheating, it could be a blown cap, it could be a processor going bad (AMD E series are bottom of the line for AMD), it could even be a overheating processor going bad with a blown cap causing electrical problems. (Sorry. You can tell that I am a geek.) ;)

Try using Hirens boot cd to run mini XP. If you still get the beep, you know that it isn't a OS issue or virus. If you don't, try running a virus scan from within Hirens.

Are you sure its a beep and are you sure it's coming from the speakers. Try to narrow down the source of the beep. It makes a big difference if it's from the motherboard speaker or if it's an electrical wine from the motherboard of PSU.