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My computer keeps shutting itself off for no reason. Any idea why? Answered

my computer just turns its self off and then back on. there is no definite time for how long and it shuts itself off whenever i am doing anything. I get the blue screen telling me it is corrupt.


There could be many reasons for this crash. Either you have hardware problem or the software probem. As you are getting a blue screen, most probably its a problem to Windows components. I recommend you to read whatever that shows on blue screen and add in the question. You can try reinstalling windows by backing up your data first.

Check the fan on your cpu it may have died or got unplugged or u may need to reaply thermal paste if none of the above works next thing i'd try would be the power supply make sure it's got enough power to run your components if possible test it in another pc,there's a few things to try.

Another possibility is that the computer is shutting off suddenly due to a power failure or due to the thermal protection feature on your CPU. This sudden shutdown then causes Windows to complain.

(You can probably fix the turning back on problem by going into your BIOS settings. One of them gives the option to either restart or remain off in the event of a power failure.)

While it may not be anything serious, you should assume for the moment that your computer could permanently die at any moment; make a full backup as soon as possible.

Then run a hard drive check, a virus scan (Avast and AVG have free versions of their scanners), and a memory test. If you still cannot diagnose the problem, it may be necessary to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows (or operating system of your choice).

Can you Take a Picture Of Exactly what it Says? When things Say that Windows Is corrupt They are Likely a virus. If it randomly shuts off it could Be Power Supply failure.