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My computer turns on but the display wont Answered

I turn on my computer and it works fine except for the monitor. Whenever i turn it off then on i see what is happening for a couple of seconds then it goes black. The monitor's on button is green but it will not show anything. Please help!


Check all of the connections carefully.  Fix it?  If not go to next sentence.

Connect another known good monitor to the computer.  Does it work now?  IF so the then you monitor is bad.  IF the monitor is bad, it may be the power supply, back light, driver circuitry.  Without some electronics expertise there is little luck fixing them.  Get a new one.

If the known monitor didn't work either, then you know it's in your computer.  Try reinstalling the video drivers.  If that doesn't work then change out the vid. card and see if that fixes it.

If that still doesn't fix it the I'm outta ideas.

ok well I have a laptop that is doing that, I know nothing about computers really.
but its a lost item if I dont step up and try to fix it because the local shop says big bucks!
so how do I hook up another monitor to my laptop? Could you please walk me through that keeping in mind that I know absolutely nothing?

Most laptops have a vga connector somewhere on the computer to connexct it to a desk monitor. If your's has one then use it.