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My computer won't go into stand-by :( Answered

My netbook, a Coby 1023 netbook, wont go into standby! i click on the standby button and it will say its going into standby and then just sits at the the standby screen and wont standby. Help. 
                                                                                         Thanks in Advance, joespicnictables



7 years ago

What OS is it running? You might have something running in the background like a virus scanner that is preventing it from going into standby.

Check the power settings options and see what they say. You might want to change it from stand by to hibernate. Standby means that the ram stays active so it continues to use some power. In hibernate the machine creates a snapshot image of the contents of the ram and saves it to the hard drive, and then powers down. When you hit the power button it then loads that image file back into the ram so you are back to where you were when you went into hibernation.

Both of these, hibernation and standby have been problematic for notebooks for years. They have gotten much better though. Another possibility is that you might need to get some updates, make sure your current with those.
And finally do a search on Microsoft's web site. Sometimes they have answers there for specific problems like these.


Answer 7 years ago

its running windows xp. and it wont go into hibernation either. i'll try disabling my antivirus software.


Answer 7 years ago

Another common thing that happens is you might have a malware infection. Something like a Trojan that is keeping the machine active so it can do its dirty work.

Go to this web site and download the free version of Malwarebytes.
Its one of the best programs available currently.


Install the program and run a full scan. Have it remove anything that it finds.
You may have to run it in safe mode if you do have an infection because the infection will try to prevent it from being removed.

Even if this doesn't fix the stand by problem its still worth doing and its free.