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My custom tr18. Answered

Well i havent made anything for months so i decided to make a tr18. it eaisily shoots 100ft (i havent tried finned rods yet) the only part i really modded is the stock and part of the front. tell me what you think of it, and post other tr18 pictures here!


Awesome gun when my parts come in ill build it

thanks! not mine, its KILLERKs, one of the best knexers around =D

ooh i built it with 8 shot turret

i know i put the star finder from a telescope on it. it works really good im making an 18 shot turret today

i made the 18 shot turret and every other time i make the ram locks dont work and they dont work right know but im not taking it apart =)))))))))))

im gonna take the turret apart today because school got canceled also yesterday me and my friend modified it.

heres a pic i couldnt get a full pic of it so it is is two.


thx im gonna order enough parts to make either a Tr8 or Br24 dont know depends on how much money i can make


Can we not let the fad die? The TR is nice but so many people think it's perfect. Let's work on making something better, yeh?

If 'so' many people think its perfect, then its a good gun, isnt it?

It's a fad. We aren't willing to think of anything better. I get it, reliability, simplicity, range. But we're so concerned about those three things that now we don't try to make things more complicated. At least bolt action tried something interesting. Heck, we still lack a decent shelled ammo weapon. Shells seem to be dismissed quite easily when they're just as effective as the other methods when done right. What about repeating slingshots? What about a rail gun where the pin goes all the way back into the stock? You could still use a turret and have much more power.

*sees bullet coming*
*steps aside*
You were saying?

Range does not win wars. Please, create a video of you shooting finned rods at someone a good distance away (further than the max range of unfinned ammo) and with them allowed to attempt to dodge. I'd honestly really like to be proven wrong.

It would be far more effective to use a weapon that's fast and easy to hit people with so that you can balance against the improbability of hitting a target. Getting up close to decrease inaccuracy and the time for someone to react, firing more than one piece of ammo to improve chances, and being able to recock the weapon fast in case you do miss/are attacked by someone else are ultimately the three things you can do even out the odds.

Face it, if someone charged you with a quick repeating shotgun, do you think your single fire, somewhat average cocking rate TR is going to compete? You could shoot and miss and then get charged. The difference between ranged and CQC play styles is that while you can get closer and fire at the same time, you can't really run away and fire at the same time.

But those are just my thoughts.

i have some vids up on youtube that show my TRs ROF... and a few other things, take a look

ask Ooda, Mepain, Bakenbitz or any of the guys who went to the war last summer they'll tell you... dodging is near impossible with fin ammo
and im talking ranges of 100ft an better
so if your team was armed w/ TRs loaded w/ fin ammo you wouldn't be able to get up close enough to use your guns... however
shotguns do have there purpose which is y i was working on one for some time
long story short
other guns have there purposes
shotguns will be good on the battlefield once they can match or compete with the ROF of a TR
and NO u can't dodge fin ammo unless you are over 125ft away and you are solely focused on that one shot
not saying its impossible... im just saying its pretty hard
but don't take my word ask the guys that went to the war

Fin ammo moves much faster than regular ammo and oodammo, and if you use metallic rods, it's harder to see, so by the time you figure out there's a bullet coming to you, you wouldn't have time to step aside.

How does it move faster? Explain the physics. All fins do is keep the bullet straight. I can understand when normal bullets spin out but that's them losing speed, not fins giving speed. In fact, if they were angled to give spin on them too, they'd actually fly slightly slower because there is increased air friction on the fins which is what makes the bullet spin in the first place.

And that's why I want KK to get a video of this. I believe that even if you can't react to the shot itself, you can still keep strafing if he's aiming at you. Even if the bullet's velocity wouldn't allow you to react in time, it'd still be slow enough that the person would have to predict perfectly how much to lead you by in order to hit you IF you were to keep your same direction and speed of movement.

That's exactly what I meant when I say fin ammo moves faster. Regular ammo loses speed more quickly than fin ammo.

But that just means it has a greater effective range. Once a rod spins out, it usually drops fairly fast so the speed loss is negligible because you wouldn't plan to hit anyone at the range at which a bullet spins out. But then you still haven't proved that range wins wars.

Range doesn't win wars. Range means the gun is more powerful, the bullet travels faster, and it's harder to dodge at, say 20 feet, than a gun with less range.

Dude, you keep contradicting yourself.
If range doesn't win wars then a normal rod's tendency to spin out faster than a finned rod doesn't matter. However, if a finned rod travels at about the same speed as a normal rod within the shared distance of stability then the fins provide no benefit because we both have agreed that range does not win wars.

This discussion is closed until someone can give me proof that a finned rod going beyond the max range of an unfinned rod can hit an aware and moving target.

I never agreed with anyone who said that range wins wars, it's not really a contradiction. I'm saying guns that get better range win wars because the bullets travel faster out of the barrel.

Say for example, you have a gun that shoots 20 feet. You have another that shoots 60. Your target is 15 feet away. Obviously, the gun that shoots 20 feet has a bullet that travels slower than the gun that shoots 60. Which gun is harder to dodge?

I did read your "discussion is closed" thing, but I'm disregarding it because you're missing the main point I'm trying to make here.

No, you're missing my point. Guns with a better range that use the same ammo do have a greater velocity, yes, and thus why they get greater ranges. However, you're talking about finned ammo. Finned ammo doesn't increase the velocity of a bullet, it increases the stability. Finned rods travel at relatively the same speed as their unfinned brethren.

And just because I know there's going to be some misunderstanding after my post, let me sum up the conversation.

You said that finned rods travel faster than normal rods. This isn't so.

You then say they travel faster because normal rods spin out. This is true beyond the max range of a normal rod gun.

Finally, you say that a gun with more range's bullets fly faster. It's because bullets fly faster that a gun has more range. This is true but it's not your original point. You said that finned rods fly faster.

So now that we understand we're talking specifically about fins, let me sum up exactly why the statement is untrue. Fins add stability, not velocity. Velocity is the sole decider of range unless what is being shot also has lift. All things fall at nearly the same rate. This is same for K'nex rods. You can't counter gravity without lift but you can race it. Fins simply mean that the rod doesn't spin out and thus decelerates at a slower rate which then means that it'll be able to fly further.

And that's physics for you.

Please make a video of you shooting 2 of the same gun, one with fin ammo and one with regular rods and see which one shoots faster. I've shot finned ammo and regular rods out of TR's and NARs and for me finned ammo just flies faster.

A normal rod gun shoots rods straight for about 10 feet or so then they start to spin. If a normal rod gun didn't have spinning bullets, it would get the same range as it's finned counterparts.

True, because I thought you would infer that point. I thought you would infer that guns with better range shoot faster, and are therefore hard to dodge.

And thus, why finned rods fly faster, simply because they decelerate at a slower rate. Stability adds another thing: Accuracy. Ever notice how when rods spin they fly to the left or the right? Finned ammo does not do that, which means it is more likely to win wars. Sure oodammo flies in a straight line too, but it's slower than a regular rod.

I'm going to try and perfect that repeating slingshot mechanism on Jollex's Kong gun. It was good and innovative, but the mag needs major improvements, and I noticed stuff that I could probably fix. If it goes out well, I might make it a replica of something. What do you think?

Sounds like the exact thing I wanted to do literally over a year ago and never did due to lack of pieces. I was the one who had to tell Jollex to attempt that gun and give some ideas. I would actually respect you some if you managed to perfect it. My idea was:
-Removable, decently sized magazine
-bullpup, max draw back as possible
-Bending crossbow arms
-probably whatever you call those foot rings so that you can hold down the gun and brace it against yourself to pull back the rubber band quickly and easily.

It would have a slightly slower RoF but it'd be even more range efficient for it's size. While it's even more overkill than the TR, at least it would prove that there's an alternative.

What do you think needs improving in the TR?

Effective pump action could increase RoF without affecting power if done right. We still lack an effective method to reload the entire turret in one sweep. If not doing pump action, move the firing mechanism back more so that the gun doesn't take up as much space or pieces. Maybe make some sort of system where without modification, maybe a switch of the turret or something that attaches to the turret you could turn it into a shotgun.There are a lot of things. You guys just aren't willing to think about too many because you think it's perfect as is. I still think it's overkill but I know how obsessed some people are with range so I won't bother on that.

Oodalumps's handle pump TR is an effective pump action mechanism already. I really don't understand the rest except for the one where the turret turns into a shotgun.

i dont think its perfect... EVERY knex gun has its drawbacks... what do you mean lets work on something better? the whole knex community?