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My custom tr8. Answered

This is my most recent tr8. it shoots about 50ft with one #64 band (not finned ammo) tell me what you think!



6 years ago

How is this in the least bit custom?

It's custom in the same way that adding a texture pack to Minecraft and installing a minor gameplay mod would work, it's basically vanilla with a little bit of difference.

Its his own version of the TR-8, enough said.

Some parts are different, and go crawling back to KI where you belong.

Why the rubberband on the ratchet?

Because when the pin hits the back of the barrell, it kinda pushes it forward and make it tighter, making the ratchet not move at all, doing this made it works all the time...

Cool, here's mine. Mine also has an under barrel shotgun. In yo face, lol. Nah, yours is rad too. That other gun is some project I did with DJ's Blue Prints gun. It looks better now after I modded it up, I still don't have a name for it, lol. Nah, yours is rad too.

Knex Turret Pistol V2 pic 3.jpg

Funny, how you didn't even make that shotgun, and how the trigger is still at the bottom.

Yeah, I know it isn't mine. I've mentioned that to a lot of people.


6 years ago

nice. i wrecked my tr 16 a year ago when i built it. that was the day i decided to sort my knex.......and then 2 monthes ago i shoved all the pieces back together into my knnex box.

cool, i like the stock

Boring and not new.

well personally i hate your TR too =D


6 years ago



Its like best TR8 ive seen :O