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My dell won't turn on? Answered

It have a dell laptop and one day I opened the sims 4 and it just turned off. I could only get it to turn on twice after that and both times it said there was a problem and I could either restart it or troubleshoot. I made the mistake both times of restarting it. When I try to turn on my laptop i hear the usual noises it makes when I turn it on, like the fan and stuff. But the power light is the only one that lights up, the cylindrical light next to it only light up the two times I could get it to turn on.



1 year ago

while having this issue with dell laptop i did some research and i find out this can be fixed . just

restart the laptop using the power key and hold for like 30 sec and let it turn on . try booting into using safe mode using the f8 for all other steps visit http://fixingblog.com/fix-laptop-computer-not-turn-on/ see if this helps


3 years ago

So it turns on but won't boot. Not turning on means no power at all.

Off the cuff its a hard drive failing.

Download Knoppix which runs from a CD or DVD and try booting with that. If Knoppix boots and runs then you have a hard drive that is either corrupted from something which could include viruses or bad sectors or a bad boot sector or is just plain dying.

The best solution is to buy a SSD drive and replace your current one and reinstall your software.

I'd start with a Cold boot. (The sims could still be trying to run in the background when you start it up, even though the laptop appears to be shut down)

Remove the battery wait 5 min or so and try to start it up with only the power adapter plugged in (no battery). If you still have the Windows CD, put it in the drive and see if it will boot from it.

Also try plugging it into a TV; there's a chance the monitor's shot.

any chance of a vid if it fires up again?

How old?

If older than 2 years I would not bother and get a replacement.

And without knowing the exact model and specs there is no way anyone could help.

Consider the hundreds of Dell models out there...