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My dog has bright yellow vomit that happens occasionally but I dont know what causes it. Has anyones dog done this? ? Answered

It looks like urine with foam on top. Nothing solid. I'm worried about him but money is tight as with everyone. I'm hoping to find an answer on the internet. He does not seem to be feeling bad. He plays with my other dogs, eats and drinks well and isn't losing weight. I would appreciate any help. Thanks. Blessings Terri



My Rhodesian Ridgeback vomits about once a month yellow bile. The vet can find no problem with him and I feed him on demand, he always has food in his bowl. He is one of the dogs that regulates his intake and doesn't get fat. He is 8 years old and is active and acts like a puppy. If your dog is not diagnosed with a disease or other problem by your vet and you feed them at least twice a day, I say and my vet says DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. But be sure to check with your vet to be sure.


9 years ago

a lot of dogs do that when they've gone long periods without eating. you could try feeding more frequent smaller meals

My dog had diarrhea and vomiting after he ate fish guts on accident and had weird symptoms when he ate a certain type of dogfood. You may want to change his/her diet to check if this is the case, see what he does and if there is any weird plants in the yard he is eating.


9 years ago

It shouldnt be anything for you to worry about it. It is not vomit. What you are seeing is called Bile. My dog does it sometimes when he eats grass or something.

My dog pukes up yellow stuff sometimes too. I'm pretty sure that it is just stomach acid. I think he sleeps all day and forgets to eat but his stomach keeps making stomach acid. I try to tell him he has to eat but he won't listen.

My dog has been doing that for ages and hes always been very happy. I looked it up a little while ago and it said that if your dog has isolated episodes of vomiting is not a cause for concern as long as the dog has an appetite and is still bright and alert. If vomiting last for several days you should get it checked out. Hope this helped.