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My drive has been making a dragging noise and has now quit can i fix hard drive? Answered

Maxtor hard drive


I have done what i am recommending here, and it worked for me, and others. For a one-shot attempt at getting your data off the drive, you can remove the hard drive and FREEZE it overnight in your freezer. You will also need another hard drive connected to your computer (external drive recommended, or flash drives as large or larger in capacity), to dump the data from the bad drive. Get everything set up BEFORE removing the frozen drive. Remove the bad frozen drive from the freezer, then re-install the frozen drive and try to quickly boot the computer. Don't let it warm up, or the benefits of freezing will be null and void. With some luck, it will boot up and operate, and give you enough time to dump the data onto the external (new) drive. But with the drive making a noise, it may already be beyond hope.

No, you almost certainly can't fix it. I hope you have recent backups. There are some failures that can be recovered from temporarily, with a lot of luck. For example, if the drive is experiencing "sticktion", sometimes shaking it or rapping it (gently!) on a surface will free the head long enough for you to get one more session out of it -- which, obviously, you should use to pull the data off it before it dies again. Of course that can also damage the drive, but given that it's already dead you don't have a lot to lose. But from your description of the sound, I'm guessing your problem is more likely to be either failing bearings (and no, you can't lube them) or a mechanical problem in the head. Those are both a bit more likely to be unrecoverable, even briefly. One of the drive manufacturers -- I don't remember whether it was Maxtor -- has a collection of sound files on their website which give the common noises a failing drive can make and an explanation of what causes them. Entertaining and informative, but not very useful, since what _all_ of them really mean is "back up early, back up often".

You may be able to recover data from it - there are freeware programmes available but the drive is almost certainly cooked.

No, only within very narrow limits. Is it still spinning ? Steve