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My eyes are dim, I cannot see... Answered

You may not know, but I wear contacts. They're monthly disposables - I can leave them in 24/7 for most of a month, as long as I go without for a coupld of day in between. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my spectacles. Since last I wore them, I have been to Cornwall (other side of the country) and on cub camp (in a field). I fear my spectacles are lost somewhere between. Being massively short-sighted, I am consequently having trouble seeing things. I have "Ctrl+ed", but I still have my nose just a hand-span from the screen and key-board. So, if I accidentally post gibberish tonight, and the next night or two, blame it on the mole-eyes. UPDATE: I have a headache, g'night all.



======What...you were expecting something different?======

Yeah, I know the equals don't work...

Hey! That worked in preview!

It works in preview, but not in the actual posting. This has "always" been the case (at least since Nacho and I wrote the Text Formatting I'ble).

Yeah, I have been seeing this for quite a few weeks, but it does seem to work inside the description of a thread (that the author creates) *shrug*

It LOOKS good in preveiw and then you post and, oops, where'd it go?

"I have not brought my spec's with me, I have not brought my spec's with me." L

Do you not have a spare pair of spectacles/contacts anywhere that you could use? I always bring a pair when I'm going anywhere far from home. (I too am very, very short sighted)

Because I always wear the contacts, the glasses are the spares. I think i'll pop to the optician's for a new pair at the weekend.

I cannot lose mine or else i would not be able to see until i raise $300.

The bold should help you read this comment.

What happens after 1 month with your contacts? do they stop working?

They're disposable - instead of cleaning and re-using, I just bin them. I have to have time off each month to prevent blood vessels growing across my cornea.

Dont you have glasses?

Don't you?

Second paragraph...


I have, HEY, not, HO, brought my specs with me (brought my specs with me)

Hmmm, I wore contacts at one time too, but even though I do not anymore, I do, as I did then, always have another pair; meaning the one before the last change, kept in a safe place; and although they are not the best for seeing, they save me headaches.....in fact, I am wearing a pair of older one's now, until I get a call that my new trifocals are done....just so I can see the screen without having to tilt my head back....

Can you use any of your other optical devices? OK you might need a wireless keyboard and to sit 12 feet from the machine but... L

LOL, no, I'm on my EeePC, so I'd have to jog back and forth between key-strokes. Actually, i'm getting a headache, i'll be off soon.

Im surprised we have not seen more failings from that keyboard.. so tiny. My hands are too big to type fluidly on it.