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My first steps into steampunk Answered

I've just taken my first steps into steampunk with a small display and I thought I'd share some pics.
I made all the clothes and there is an LED in the contraption behind the blue window.
I was making a pair of Victorian style boots for Sybil, but ran out of time, so she has a pair if Barbie shoes for now (good thing Barbie has ridiculously small feet for her size)
The male doll is 5 1/2 inches tall.
I'll finish the boots at a later time, but I had to finish the display to a point today as the miniature group I belong to has a display at a local model show this weekend (anyone in Newcastle, Australia - come to the Our Town Model Show :-)


That looks cool. No instructable?

lol, maybe. I can remember how most was done. It's just when I start making minis I tend to enter 'the zone' and do heaps before I think to do something like take a photo.

:-D You need to set up a Webcam and just record video as you go. Then you can frame-capture the best bits when you manage to escape The Zone ;->

OK, have decided to do a step by step on making the little display unit as I have an idea for another one of those. Plus, I'll do a photo Ible of the steampunk contents of this one.
I'll have to wait till after the weekend though, just a bit busy with the model show.

Why not put this up as a Photo I'ble, in addition to this forum topic? You could add commentary on how you made the pieces...

That is really SUPER :-)

Very cool. That control podium looks vaguely Dr. Whovian. Love the great detail on the goggles and tophat!