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My first visit to NRPH. Answered

well i was able to get into Northville Regional Pyshciatric Hospital...(which is "illegal" and should "never" be done if you get my drift)so let me say if your in SE MI and haven't been their id advise you do it's something you can't replicate...the dead silence like theres no sound.....and it's a beautiful view from the A bldg sky-tower and if you want any help to just get into the complex i'd be glad to help you out...
quick note ..make sure you check where you step and what you touch..also bring a small medical kit and make sure you have ALL cuts coverd when you enter...this was a hospital....also beware the steam tunnels since the power was turned of there is no lights down their so please be carefull and bring a flashlight..


I know the kids who painted the mural, and chances are I probably know you! Send me a message :P

The "sky box" is a solarium, it's where patients who couldn't be left to wander the grounds could go to get fresh air and sunshine.

ahh ok thanks for information i've been trying to find more of the history on this building but haven't had alot of succes nrph.net seems to have the most info.