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My friend asked me about a sound reactive LED table. Im tryin to help him out? Answered

He wants to make a table with led's that is reactive to the sound coming from his laptop. I saw this, https://www.instructables.com/id/Interactive-LED-table/
and its kinda the idea im looking for but thats reactive to touch not sound.. any ideas? 


It is easy if you know microcontrollers. To make sound reactive LED table, you have to process sound input - separate the frequency - decide what kind of action you want when you get a particular frequency - output this to a set of LED - fit these LEDs in a nice table - You are done .

Of course, this is only easy when you have played with lot of micrcontrollers like me or you have to buy different kind of systems or blocks and then try to organize them in proper way to build sound reactive LED table.

If you want any more information just let me know.

You will need to detect the sound, amplify it and condition the signals to a suitable format for the next bit.

You need to either dedicate some circuitry to turn on/off LEDs when a certain sound (frequency) is played.

Sound to light circuits abound on the web - Google

Turn on the LEDs when ANY sound appears

Again this is a simple trigger circuit to turn on a transistor switch to put the LEDs os. Such circuits are often used in clap switches. - Google is your friend.

Make some kind of complex pattern depending on the sound level/frequency/etc This will require some computing power - possibly a PIC microprocessor

search daft punk table.