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My gift exchange has arrived! Double Trebuchet Greatness! Answered

For the Instructables gift exchange I was paired up with Biggsy.

They made me this awesome Trebuchet set!

I have two Trebuchet's a red one, and a blue one, with matching little defence walls. 
Biggsy said that they work well with marble, but I only had airsoft bb's to hand, which flew very nicely.

I really enjoyed doing the gift exchange, and look forward to any future ones!

When the trebuchet's are not being played with, they are going to live on my shelf of other misc items, to be looked at and fiddled with.

Thanks Biggsy!

- gmjhowe



7 years ago

Just wondering how the Trebuchets are holding up? I'm a little heavy handed, and so are my mates, so mine has disinorgrated hehe... being stepped on didn't help either.

Hope theyre still going strong!


I keep them on a shell near my computer, so I have a quick fling every now and then! Still working as good as the day they arrived!

Did you have a nice christmas?

Thats awesome, glad they're holding together! Yeah Christmas was good thanks, yours? Happy New Year matey :)

Busy, but good, busy working on various projects now!

Awesome, well here's to 2011 being a creative and feature full year ;)


8 years ago

I'm glad you liked them! Can't wait until the next exchange.... The book you made for me is great.... the keyring my brother has run off with so i think I have lost that to his keyring collection. But the book will do very nicely :D

Hey, you were paired with each other?

I'm part of a chain - I have sent a parcel to one member, but I'm waiting for a parcel from somebody different.

yeah we where paired with eachother :D

My parcel should be arriving today, snail-mail allowing.

Being my usual, organised self, though, I forgot to put a letter in with it, or sign it.

Hey, ho...

any idea what your getting? It's all so exciting :D

Not a clue. I do know that an accident with a falling shelf means that my parcel will be late, though... :-(

Amazing :D I just got back from the post office, ERCBIENG should have his gift in a few days.