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My girlfriend's father will do anything to keep me away from her. What do I do? Answered

He even resulted to physical force. She is really mad about it but i don't know what i should do. i am never bad, i think i set a good stage for myself, i behave and all around him, but it's getting on my nerves.


Write a formal letter for him on your computer. Come back the next day, after a good night's sleep, and rewrite it in a more respectful and less whiney way. Then neatly print out the final copy with actual pen and paper. Fold this in thirds and snail-mail it to him.

I've had some experience with this. First, are you inherently different from him? Are you of a different race, religion, nationality, social group, etc.? If so that could be (in his eyes) reason enough. Also, I notice you say you're never bad "around him". If you're bad when he's not around, word could have gotten to him. It could even be your that your girlfriend has poor judgement and told him something bad you've done. The first step to finding a solution is finding the problem, if you find it, or need help finding it,reply to this post and I'll see if I can help you work it out.

first, i don't think so. He's same as me in all those departments you mentioned. I didn't mean that in a literal way. i behave myself. the only thing he may veiw as "trouble" is kissing, and even that we try not to do in front of him (or his wife for that matter but she isn't a problem). She doesn't have poor judgement on this one. I haven't found on yet, but i was thinking sitting down with him, just him and i, and talking to him. i told my girlfriend my idea and she doesn't trust him. I don't know, i will keep looking.

my girl friends dad just doesent like me and i wana punch him in his face so bad you know it makes me wana cry on how bad he treats her i also wana kill his stupid a$$ i mean come on his reason for not leting me date her is because he dont like me he doesnt even know me ffs....

is there an age difference? And talking to him would be your best bet, possibly with the mother there.(you mentioned he got physical, and he would be less likely to do so again with the wife around) also, remember most fathers are protective of there daughters. Be sure to display your good intentions. I know for a fact i would pistol whip any kid trying to nail my daughter. Unless hes not just trying to nail her. and makes her happy.

i don't know, i don't think he ment it in that way, but i will think about that. I have considered this. please veiw my reply to fenris the bbw to see what i am planning and weigh in. i am pretty sure i make her happy. we've been going out for 11 months and he just now started this. we trust each other completley and tell each other we would never leave them, and we mean it. what do you mean by nail?

hey man he doing that bc he doesent wana lose his daughter man its just a thing that father and daughters have and its the same with sons and mothers...

I have the same problem too! I dont know how to fix it......everytime her dad sees me, he just yells at me......today he saw me and her together and he started beating me.....I didn't do any self defense as i know alot about respects. I am 20, and she is 17 turning 18 in couple months....It got to a point that i really hate her dad but can't do anything about it. My girlfriend also doesn't know what to do because her dad really loves her and everytime after he yells/beat ME, he just apologizes to her but obviously my girlfriend is starting to hate him more as each day goes by

My girlfriend is very upset with the way her father is acting, i can definatley relate! She thinks he is acting childish. I still am not sure what to do.

If you had a daughter, would you let her date someone like you?

Yes. i am a good student, i never get in trouble, i have straight a's, i would.

sure, why not. it's not like i am a convicted sex offender just trying to find someone stupid enough to rape.

now this does matter. the straight As have nothing to do with that

well i would never hurt her. i am not sure how to convince him of that. OMG SHE TRIEDTO KILL HERSELF YESTERDAY BECAUSE HER PARENTS KEEP TRYING TO KEEP ME AWAY!!!

this isallready emergency. you should talk to her quickly && at any cost and make clear that you will see each other no matter what her parents think / do you can point to that tryin to meet together is like rebel. she has to be proud of what she can do (even if its nothing) and not ashame of what her parents (which are not her) do your part now is to prove that you are going to meet no matter what

yeah, i already talked to her, i mean talked to her. she seems fine now, though i am worried about her. Thanks for your help.

meet away from him let him understand that nobody is asking him if you can write here why does he hate you we may come up with solution

I don't know why he hates me. we can't meet away from him very easily. we do whenever possible but when we can't this is what happens.

talk with him like all others suggested. maybe there wont be need to do anything else if no atleast youll know more if you plan on ignoring him - its just you and your gf. not any1's else business

"its just you and your gf. not any1's else business" what do you mean by that, i shouldn't be asking people's opinions?

i mean - you dont have to tell everyone i ignore him

you can and should ask opinions but you dont have to inform em on any step you make

Have you considered asking him why?

Please veiw my reply to fenris the bbw's comment. i think i'll sit down and talk with him, but i haven't asked him why because it seemed way to obvious that he didn't want her associating with me so he is trying to scare me off. i am not a bad person, at least not around her or her father, or anyone for that matter. i don't know. please reply.

That sounds like the best plan. Make sure you speak calmly, politely, and even deferentially.

Call him "Sir" or "Mr------".

Sitting down is good, slightly at an angle to each other if you can, or side by side, then you can each say hard things, but not at each others' faces, to avoid conflict.

okay, now i think i will go through with that, thank you for your help. have a blessed day!