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My hard drive wont boot when I checked on my computer with an usb adapter and Disk Management it's reading RAW not NTFS. Answered

My hard drive on my Pc laptop crashed when I tryed to boot it back up it would say that there was something wrong with Windows. I tryed everything and was not able to do nothing to fix it.
I got an usb adapter for the hd, pluged it in my other computer opened computer management/storage/disk management the hd is reading online,it shows all 3 partitions reading healthy with the primary partition reading raw instead of NTFS.
Is there a way to get it back to NTSF without loosing data when formating it. Or is there a free software (freeware) to recover and backup my files so I can restore the hard drive and get it to bootup on my laptop again? Can anyone please help? Thanks

Update: So far I got the files from the RAW Drive saved (with Recuva). Now I'm trying to figure out how to get the RAW partition back to NTFS format. I can't format it since the laptop didn't come with any backup disks for any of the softwares that was loaded into the laptop! TestDisk doesn't find anything wrong with the hard drive. The boot sectors seems ok with TestDisk. Scans say All 3 partitions seems to be fine with no corrupt files. 
Another thing I want to add. When I plug this hard drive to my other computer via usb sata adapter and then restart the computer it doesn't let it boot up just like when the hard drive is in the original laptop(internal). All it does is when it reboots you see the scrolling green bar on the other computer then the screen stays the same after the scrolling bar disappears and never boots up. If I restart the computer again it asks If I want to repair it when it's the hard drive thats connected to the usb that didn't let it boot. The computer does boot right up when I disconnect  the hard drive from the computer again.  BTW the hard drive that is reading RAW has Windows7 OS.

Anyone ever had this problem before? 



5 years ago

I'd just get a new hardrive


5 years ago

If it's reading as RAW then your partition table is obviously damaged or corrupt. There are a couple of ways to fix this, once you have backed the hard drive or made a system image. To make a system image, just boot from a live CD, i recommend Gparted or Ubuntu (may have to do a bit of googling) and copy the lot onto an external hard drive.
As far as fixing the boot partition table goes, if your experienced with Linux shell or Windows CMD then you could use scripts to repair it. This is insanely complicated, so I'll move onto a more practical way.
Basically, you have to use a tool like the linux distro PartedMagic and use the built in tools to format the drive with a MBR (master boot record) and as NTFS. This is reasonably straight forward. Copy Parted Magic to a usb using the recommended tool, boot from USB, select run from RAM, and once booted, double click on the partition manager. Click on the drive you want to format and click format, choosing the options MBR and NTFS. Any warnings that are given by the OS are useless and won't damage your computer in any way, as long as you choose the right drive. This might take a while, but once done, shut off your computer (hold power button) and boot from your Windows CD. Install windows to have a functioning computer, then you can set about recovering your files with a RAW reader. If formatting the disk with Parted Magic fails, you may have a corrupt hard drive all together, and should consider a) taking it to a professional or b) buying a new one.

Really dumb queston. did you change the boot order or anything else in the bios in the bios.

No. Not when this happend. I did at one point when I was trying all my options on getting this thing to work but I put back the way it was.

What happens when you use the drive as a secondary drive instead of a boot drive on another machine?

This thing can copy files from a hard drive with a corrupted file table! http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk

It really is the god of all data-getting software :-)

Well so far I got to backup most of the drive using Recuva . Now I tried to fix the drive with TestDisk but this program is kinda hard to understand. Something I discovered with using TestDisk was that is showed that the MFT and Mirror MFT are bad. I tried the option to repaired it and it failed. So far I'm stuck. Anyone know what is MFT and if this can be the cause for the partition change to RAW from NTFS?


6 years ago

What i forgot was when you re-partition the drives it will put it back into NTFS.


6 years ago

I have had this problem before. What i did was to use this AESEUS partition tool. It if free. http://www.partition-tool.com/personal.htm. i re-sized the partition just a little. Not enough to effect anything. Just make sure you have enough space for your files.
This has worked for me most of the time. If it doesn't then my only other thing i could do to repair this is reformat.
One thing i do is to my pc's is i only put the OS in drive C. So drive C is only 10 or 12 gig. Everything else goes into other drives D,E ect. How many you decide to use. That way if there is a problem with your OS it is ease to reformat and not effect the other drives. Plus it boots faster not having to go through all the other files on boot up.

You may already be familiar with this and it may not be what you are looking for, but as far as backing up the hard drive goes, I would use an Ubuntu Linux live CD (http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu). All you have to do is burn a copy of Ubuntu to disc and boot the computer with the bad hard drive from that disc. Hold F12 on startup to change the boot order if you need to (it may be a different F key depending on your computer make). From there, you can use the "Try Ubuntu" option, or whatever is similar. Don't use the installation feature or you will reformat your hard drive. In Ubuntu, you should be able to see your hard drive in the file system and access your files for backup. It may or may not work, but assuming the hard drive is readable, it should. I know a lot of people who rescue their files from bad hard drives in this manner.

recuva recovering software will be good for this purpose, firstly format the drive using ntfs file format and then use recuva and do deep scan to get old files back you will not get the whole data back but most of them can be be recovered

I think they should NOT format the disk. They could lose more of their data. Other repair programs can recover the file tables intact, if the disk isn't formatted. I used one to recover all of the files on my NTFS disk recently.

I had this happen to me recently. My external drive became corrupted because I unplugged it "unsafely". I was able to get my files back by running "Active@ File Recovery" for free. It restored a backup copy of the NTFS file system to the disk, and then everything worked again.

Someone on here said to format your disk first --- DO NOT DO THAT! You will lose all of your stuff permanently, or at least you can lose more than you have already.

Step one: backup EVERYTHING.


6 years ago

I found several options for you, its a problem I have never run into myself but I guess its not unusual. I don't know how good this software is.


That one is a paid for software. Here is another one that is free from a forum. By the way, you can find all this on Google.


And the free software,


People have used this and claim it works. I would do a little more reasearch before I decided what to try. BUt it does apear to be a fixable problem.