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My husband has aluminum medical tanks. He's machined several things. Any suggestions as to what else? Answered


Try tipping them on their side and machining windowsill planters. Try making a series of vertical cuts and making something like Chinese lanterns. Just keep throwing your imaginations at it like you've been doing.

How about waterproof containers with clear covers to hold mementos at grave sites? You would need something to lock them (locktite?) or permanently seal them (dimpled thread?), and a way to stake them down, but I could see a market for that.

Camping pots, lightweight camp stoves? or combined units (rocket stove, volcano stove/water heater). Depending on diameter, bangle bracelets. There is a market for fancy steam engines...

Urns for ashes. High end time capsules flower pots

Wow, how lucky can you get?!? I really like the gongs that have symbols/designs cut out of the side- very classy backyard BBQ decor. Different lengths= different tone.
I am so envious of your supply- you could justify the expense of a welder just because of the supply.


9 years ago

how about making bells or wind charms

flower pots, reusable candle holders, if you smoke, an ash tray, or a clock.

What has he made with them so far? Can you be a bit more specific about these (size shape etc)? L

The things he has made are a canister with cap, a bowl for change or keys, an ashtray (the ultimate in recycling as they are from medical oxygen tanks) and an end table made up of several pieces cut from the middle of the tank and then threaded together with a discarded glass table top. I think the tanks are about 18 - 20 inches long and 4.5 inches in diameter. He keeps on getting them from a medical supply place to cut up when they are no longer safe and need to be disposed of.

Wow. These things will have practical uses as tanks, but you should publish some of the artistic stuff here (if you can photograph the process)? I'm short of good ideas, but someone else maybe. L

Thank you! he is an artist when it come to machining. (Master Machinist for over 4o years) but when it comes to technology he's a noob.. (LOL) Unless I sit and do the photos myself and I work too, I don't think that will happen. I do know that the ashtrays do get taken by his boss as gifts. He has also made several "model" airplane engines that run on compressed air. They too are a work of art!

Forgot to mention that some are anodized inside and some aren't.