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My iPod Crystal Radio Idea Answered

I'm Sure someone has had this idea before but I just want to know if people think this would be cool. I was thinking about make a breadboard with a crystal radio transmitter with a head phone jack sticking out of it, that would fit in some sort of case, and have it stick into my iPod Nano 3rd Generation. My iPod is red so I would paint the case red to match, Please post idea and links to the parts please.


Hi Pal. I am from Myanmar. It is a country full-of-junks. I just go to one of the junk street and I got a male plug. It is too cheap. I used a circuit board,(which is small) +a one oscillator and some wires. I just join 'em up with the correct connections. Then I throw up a wire on a tree, but it is not really good so I wrap some wire around a tree and joined another end to the oscillator. The wire must be insulated. Next, I plug it into my computer and played loud songs. I went out of the house and listened to it with a radio and tuned around 1Mhz. It worked pal. Try it because ITS COOL.

I suppose the biggest road block is that a "truly crystal radio", or one running without power, needs a tremendous antenna, unless you are only of need of bringing in local AM stations and a few local FM (if it can be tuned to that frequency)