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My instructable did not post to the Valentine's contest, what can I do to change that? Answered

I recently joined your great community with the intention of posting a Valentine's theme for your Valentine's contest.  My part one showing the theme and part 2 showing how the theme, posted to my account however it did not post to the Valentine's contest.  I went to the contest to try and upload it and it says I have no Valentine's instructable.  I posted my theme with in the guidelines of dates.   I did have one part waiting for approval and then I posted it.  Any suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance and Happy Valentine's Day!



Best Answer 8 years ago

It might take a bit of time, but you could go back and edit it, click on the Publish tab, and see if the contest box is there for you to tick for a second try.



8 years ago

How long ago did you post it?  Sometimes it takes a day or two for an entry to be added to a contest, since it has to be reviewed by a Human.

I thought I would comment here to let everyone know why my instructable did not post to the valentines contest. It was because it did not meet the requirements, although the requirements did not mention videos as an instructable would not meet the requirement. Maybe someone will benefit from this information. Thanks again everyone for taking the time to try and answer my question. I am just now getting familar with the board and decided to make a few comments.

I will wait and see what happens, it has just been a day or two.  Thanks for commenting!