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My instructable does not show up in searches Answered


I published this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/6922-Tube-Headphone-Amplifier-Kit/ and I cannot find it in searches. I recon it must be filters. Perhaps some one can release it.

Thank you very much.



No one is looking for sympathy here. Do not talk down to us.

We posted the user manual which is distributed with the kit and which explains in a step by step fashion how to assemble the kit. If you call this spam, and cannot appreciate a quality product and quality instructions, then this is certainly a wrong "community" for us. No surprise here. After all, we all know about crony American capitalism and triple standards Americans have for every and each situation in life.

"...then this is certainly a wrong "community" for us"

OK. Bye, then.

FYI, I am not American.

You may either amend the original post to include a generic parts list and generic instructions so that purchasing the kit is not a precondition for creating the project or repost it in the forums under For Sale. For a good example of an approved kit assembly tutorial, check out: https://www.instructables.com/id/TV-B-Gone-Kit/ Generally, you must provide more information than copy-pasted assembly instructions with links back to your sales site.

You've stumbled upon a well-maintained community that understands the difference between a useful tutorial and an advertisement. If you provide enough auxiliary information, we can get behind a kit tutorial. But your tube amp project was justifiably caught in the spam filters.

In the meantime, you will find little sympathy for your cause if you cannot hold to our site's "be nice" comment policy.

Judging by your choice of words, you need to work on your "tags". Tags should be words that are relevant to your instructable and will allow your project to be found.

Even better, it would help if the instructable wasn't spam.

You can only follow it if you buy the kit first, which makes the "instructable" an advertisement, and thus spam.

This community shares, it's members do not expect payment for providing projects.

Until you provide the circuit diagrams, or files for members to print their own pcb, and a parts-list they can source from where they like, I will stand by my statement.

How about both of you provide us with your credit card numbers and we start to distribute PCBs for free. Guys like you never made a paperclip using your own hands. And always try to get something for nothing.

You are not much of a business man yourself! How disingenuous of you to ask for personal information in such matter! By looking at your profile I must say that you have not being part of this community long enough to make an accurate opinion of anyone on this community.

dude the thing you posted is simply a spam,coz an instructable has step by step instructions on how it was made , circuit diagram's and various other detail's.this site is simply not meant to promote your so called buisness , you need to mention how you made stuff , i hope if your spam instructable get's deleated soon

So very, very wrong.

Look at that number under my avatar. Look at my profile stats. I contribute . I have done since the day I joined, and will continue to do so long after you realise that you are using a business model doomed to fail within a community of Makers and Hackers.

What is a "cimunity"? Our community does not welcome SPAM.

Thank you,

I cannot insert tags - the site does not allow me to. Any suggestions on this point? Thank you.