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My instructable won't publish. Answered

I published a new instructable 2.5 hours ago and it still is not visible when I search recent.

This is the instructable I am trying to publish:  https://www.instructables.com/id/Save-27K-of-flash-memory-on-an-Adafruit-Trinket/

Eleven instructables have been published and show up in a recent search since I published it.

The same thing happened to me awile back.  On Dec 5 I published an instructable and it didn't show up for a long time, an when it did it showed it was published on Dec 3 and showed up a few pages down in the recent search

What is happening?


There are automatic filters which hold up the ibles until staff manually check it out and release it. There is unknown criteria on what trips it but is is used to check spam and other stuff. When staff gets around to looking at it office hours San Francisco time, it appears back in the recent listing with its original publish date/time. Give it a day or two, it usually shows up, if not, send an email to service at instructables.com.

My instructable only had one step, maybe steps below a minimum triggers a filter.

If there's a significant delay (days vs hours), they change the publish date to the time the project is released from the filters.

That is new. I know that will help the visibility of recently published but may muck with eligibility of potential contest entries unless they have it covered.

As far as I know, that's always been tied to the moment the "enter" button is clicked.


3 years ago

Thanks for the answers, it's up now.