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My kid broke his arm, is getting a cast tomorrow, should I try to add some LED's? Answered

My 6 year old broke his arm on friday night, they can't do a fiberglass cast until tomorrow. I was thinking what if I prewired an ultra bright LED and ask them to wrap it into the cast with just the led poking out. I was thinking I could decorate his cast to look like Buzz Lightyear's arm with a "laser". The wire could come out the top that I could connect a battery pack to so he can turn it on and off.

Is this a good idea or not too smart? I'm trying to think of ways to make my son feel a little better about having a cast for 8 weeks.


Chances are they may not be willing to make the cast around any wires or lights; but what you could do is build a raised panel that could be strapped onto the cast. It would still work more or less the same way, but it could be easily removed for bed and for bathing.

You could make it with corrugated plastic as it should give you some flexibility to form it around the cast, and you could remove some of the innards to accommodate the wires, button, light, battery etc. Then attach it with a couple velcro straps.

The water in the plaster might cause problems, but I would definitely do something.

Better to prepare things to fasten to the cast, preferably with an *off* switch, so he can sleep at night (and maybe a switch he can't reach, so he doesn't play all night...).

Maybe wrap it in EL wire?

EL wire would be cool. I gotta get it ordered pronto though if he's going to wear is for halloween.


Some electronics stores stock it, I think. Maybe RadioShack?

(Or Maplins if you're in the UK.)