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My kitchen peninsula has a soffit that is packed with insulation - - what's the best way to remove both? Answered

Apparently the soffit is part of the ceiling - - i.e., open on top - - - that's why it's filled with blow-in insulation. I just want to remodel our kitchen - - which includes removing the peninsula and the problem soffit/insulation. Maybe the biggest problem would be to replace the insulation when I'm done.



Given the limited information to answer this question I hope this helps: Step 1) Isolate your working area by draping plastic around the room you wish to work in. Step 2) (As NachoMahma mentions) If you are able to gain access to the attic, remove the insulation first. Step 3) Bust open the soffit and remove. Step 4) Complete demo / installation Step 5) Make sure to use proper vapour barrier and insulation when reinstalling your new ceiling board. Good luck!

Thanks, Mikeasaurus - - isolating the area is a good idea. I've had zero experience with insulation & vapour barriers - - - guess it's time to learn.

. If you have access to the attic, it will probably be much less messy if you go up there and remove the insulation before removing the soffit. Replace the insulation when done with the project.

There's currently no access to the attic - - the kitchen is isolated by a vaulted ceiling. Thanks for your response.

. Ah. Then check mikeasaurus' answer.