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My laptop's power supply fan just quit, what happened? Answered

It was working earlier today about 3 hours ago. But just a few minutes ago, it died, just stopped working all together. Just the fan though. What can I do to fix it w/out buying a new one for $70. The laptop model is: Gateway M350WVN. The power supply is a Gateway Model #: FSP150-1ADE11. Please help.



9 years ago

I meant the power box that plugs from the wall into the laptop to charge the battery.

Most laptops don't have a power supply fan - Is this the one actually inside the laptop? If so, it's the processor cooling fan. If it is this, it may be it's just shut down (or slowed right down) to save power. Use the laptop for a while and see if it starts up again. If it is faulty, is the laptop under warranty? - if so, take it back. If not , and you're feeling brave, take the laptop apart and check the fan connections. Make sure you mark where any odd-length screws go so you can put them back in the same place. Do you use the laptop in a very dusty place? Dirt build-up can clog those small fans. If it's none of those things, you may be able to buy a fan from eBay. It's unlikely you could buy and equivalent more cheaply 'off the shelf' as laptop fans tend to be shaped specifically for the machine they're going in.

Your laptop power supply has a fan in it? I've never seen that. Why not just buy a replacement fan and swap it out? Measure the dimensions and the input voltage and start looking.