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My latest project: Usenet Car Photo Gallery Answered

. I've set up a picture gallery of 1920s-2000s American cars at Usnet Car Photo Gallery. I think I have it config'd so you can post pics, so post pics of your favorite rides (don't have to be American). Have fun. If you have problems, let me know.
. Attention artists: If you can come up with a logo (to replace the Coppermine logo at the top of the page), I'll give you conspicuous credit.



10 years ago

I'll try to get some pics of my friends Stangs. He's got 2 '65 convertibles, and a '66 fastback. I'll see if I've got any pics of my Vette, Z-28 (OK that's Mrs Skunkbait's car), '76 Grand Prix (Skunkpunk's car), and my Firebird (work in progress/digress).


Reply 10 years ago

. Waiting with bated breath. . I've got hundreds of pics to upload, but the software will only let you upload 5 pics at a time. Working on installing an add-on that will allow more convenient uploads.