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My line rider videos. Answered

Well i felt like showing off my line rider videos.

This was my first one.

Second one.

Third one and maybe my best.

My latest one made like 30 minutes ago.

I just felt like showing them off and if anybody else has any put them here.


So, what's the idea? You draw lines and the wee character follows them?

pretty amazing ain't it...imagine school kids in a computer lab...thats it....now add line rider...

Yes, you try to make jumps and loops, though some people have gotten really creative.

ya i don't like to draw scenery although i did the sponge bob one

Hey, what is the hyper cam thing, and how can you record it without a video camera??

Its a program you can download it for free it lasts for ever just look up hyper cam and click on one.

On line rider? it vary's if its on a slow connection it will be lower and be more laggy if its on high speed connection it will have a higher fps. In other words it doesn't really matter.

What? Please don't spam on my forum topics.