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My mom's b-day is coming up... Answered

 i want to make a kick a$$ present. Any ideas? she really like couponing, books, and family. But i dont want any picture frames or anything?




Best Answer 7 years ago

A lot of people (not me, but to each their own) like scrapbooking. Make a collage of family stuff, and really it's like almost combing all three things you said into one big idea.

You could make an altered book with the alterations having to do with your family. I have not looked there might be an instructibal on altered books, but i you google it I know you will find one.

it's ok my mom's birthday was on the 3rd and i decided on a hole punched book with a before and after of all my family, a family collage, and a family crossword

Very cool! Do look up altered books, could be a good mothers day gift. :)

oh yeah ii just looked it up! they are awesome! but i dont think im crafty enough :P

Nah they just look hard, I might be able to get one made for a beginner and post an instructibal. :)

Look through her bookshelves.  Does she have a favorite author?  If so, perhaps a signed copy of a book by that author.  You may have to contact the publisher, but some (lower-popularity) authors may arrange to sign a copy of their book if you buy it new from the bookstore or publisher.

I know you said 'no picture frames' but my parents loved the arrangement I got them for their anniversary, a few years back.  It was a simple frame with matting for about a dozen photos.  I inserted several school pix of myself, college photo, one of my wife and I when we got married, a tiny copy of my diploma, etc.

Hope this helps!