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My most recent arsenal Answered

Hey guys, i just wanted to show you my most recent arsenal, its not completed yet, as i still want to make at least a few more pistols and guns.

So far i have, well, why dont you guess? :-) (its pretty easy though :-P)

Here is a picture:


Most up to date arsenal, Bakenbitz's M16, Not A Rectangle, and Sidearm Model by TwistedParadox.


I have Bakenbitz's M16 and TwistedParadox's Sidearm Model, update soon.

like a month ago i had TD's oodassualt 3.6 (the best one) striker pistol (IAC) selez's break action!

Meh, i don't really like the oodassault v3.6...

nor do i i made it but it wasnt that good ill stick with the TBOS

Nice. Here's mine.


Well lets see yours then if you like dissing on everyone. How about you show us how its done?

Mine is KillerK's version with a slide. I just thike a stockless tr looks really stupid.

A big heavy front and a tiny back. It looks like a pistol with completely wacked out porportions. This is all my opinion, though. You may think it looks sexy.

Have you ever been in a knex war where that would be practical? Most of you people don't know jack sh-t about anything gun or war related. In cqc, you always have a stock, unless you are using a pistol. No stock just makes the gun unbalanced and hard to wield, harder to aim, and does not help with mobility much.

Ha. Sometimes that's true, but I go without a stock for cqc. (Most of the time). Personally it's just as easy to use without a stock, although you do have to get used to it. And, chill with the hater comments. (This is not the only one, there have been quite a few recently)

I consider them more defending my opinion a little to strongly, not hater comments. =D

Okay. Well still some (not all mind you) are a little too harsh. But okay.

Sorry, but if you knew me, you would know I am very opinionated and defend my position sometimes too strongly, and some people think I jut like to argue, which I don't think. I don't mean it, it is kind of in my nature.

I can give you more pictures if you need to see the pin guide, etc.

I'm having some trouble with replying (rich editor won't work, and I can't switch from the uploader to my library to add an image, so sorry for the inconvenience. If they don't turn out as links, just copy and paste. Pin Guide https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FER/YUJV/G6MPLV96/FERYUJVG6MPLV96.MEDIUM.jpg Use a cut white rod if you want to ever add a full stock to this. https://www.instructables.com/file/FZRB693G6MPFYSM/

I agree. It needs a stock. And that stub behind the handle doesn't count.

That stub is just there for the pin guide. I don't like the stockless version because I put so many bands on my tr when I don't have the slide on that I need the stock or need to hold the front hunk in order to brace my gun. And it is much easier to use the slide with the stock, too.

The slide requires a stock. You can't use my version with a slide.

I meant that when bracing the gun in your shoulder it is easier to use the slide than when just holding it by the handle and using the slide.

I know. I'm just saying the stockless TR is too short anyways to put on a slide that would pull the pin back all the way.

It's built for maneuverability. That and I'm too lazy to add a stock.

My tr is very lightweight and manuverable, even with its stock. Look at my below comment.

My bullpup slingshot sniper. It's torn apart now, but I can remake the mechanism if you want.

Dude thanks, that'd be great, and I appreciate it.

Ohai. Here's my newest arsenal. I have that slamfire TR everyone's been asking me pictures of, and the ZKAR v3 in perfect working condition.

Here's a video of the Slamfire (Warning: Contains a naughty naughty worddd):

stuff 053.JPG

It's fine, the only real problem is that I can't push the bolt forward right after inserting the mag unless I adjust it.

Do you have enough peices for a second mag? And you don't have to have mepain's stock, you know. You can mod the whole gun, expept for the front. That sucks witht the problem, though. But it does make sense.