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My music Answered

I've been writing music, probably for a game. What do you think?


i like rap

sorta sounds like runescape music-got any linkin park or offspring?

I'm more into "Everclear" and "Bowling for Soup", but a little Offspring every now and then makes me smile.

No Idea!!???!!! Check out Everclear on youtube. Watch "Father of Mine", "Santa Monica", "Heartspark Dollarsign", and "So much for the Afterglow". Bowling for Soup does mostly funny songs. Watch "1985", "Highschool Never Ends", and "Almost".

Do a rap.

" :( " yourself. jk, raps are really good game music.

*Nice drum solo" Jump over the gap to reach dat otha side mind out for da koopa troopas if you think dat they are friendly, people have lied Cos they takin a toll on ya mario cos thats how dey roll lololario "Nother drum solo" Sort of thing?

If youve ever played nfs underground 1 or nfs most wanted, you know what I mean...

but has the jamalam played em?

Dunno.. DUN DUN DUN. Are you gonna post a link to your forum here?

I didn't hear a consistent riff or a strong theme that seemed to tie everything together. Maybe it's just the unexpressiveness of generic midi muzak or not having heard it along with the visuals. Choose a strong or distinctive solo instrument and possible add some sound effects to round out the ambiance(wind or metallic junk clanking in wastelands, etc.) Good luck.

When you say a consistent riff, do you mean throughout the individual songs, or throughout all of them? And as for Midis, they aren't that good... just the only thing I have at the moment.

A riff is a musical phrase or a bunch of notes, chord progression, certain beat or instrument that sticks in your mind (Opening gong, Jaws - da-dah,da-dah... James Bond -twangy guitar da-da, da-daaaa...Super Mario Brothers, etc.) I haven't composed anything, much less a score for a full length feature, but there should be an element that relates everything together. Maybe real musicians will comment here.

I know what a riff is, lol... but I see why you say that. And when you say a "real musician", you mean someone with 2 grade 4s and a grade 3, like me, or a famous composer?

Maybe the proper term is "hook". I was saying hopefully people that know the music craft, have taken music/film classes or professional musicians would comment to help you out.

*Disclaimer: I have some musical training, both theory and practice, but I don't claim to be any kind of expert. Take with a grain of salt...

As caitlinsdad says there should be something tying them all together, they need simultaneously variance yet harmony.

In the individual songs (Legion of Evil and Wastelands for example) I heard some pretty good repetitions and expansions on the notes you chose - I liked the songs. The trick is to use the same general theme for all the songs. Not so that they all sound the same, but they're all coming from the same place. (Oddly enough they all reminded me a bit of the music from Oregon Trail 2...the one with the nice gui. 0_o)

An example of that would be as in the mario games, where you have your classic theme, then in dark or scary levels or after certain events the music switches to a minor key, the tempo or speed might change, or even different instruments playing different parts of the song. Compare the original DUH-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-DUH of the happy first level mario music to the slooow, really sad version of it when you die. That's the kind of thing that will make really good music for your game.