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My nerf vulcan won't fire anymore can someone help me? Answered

I used my nerf vulcan EBF-25 for a long time, then one day it just stopped working. I opened it up and fixed the tooth moves the belt advance wheel, then I put it back together. When I tried it in full-auto the belt advance wheel wouldn't move, and the firing mechanism wouldn't work. Oh and the only modifications I made on it was conbineing the two belts and pounded out the air resistors from the belt. Any help is welcome.


it may be jammed.   or the timing may be off.   that is, the piston tries to fire before the ammo belt advancer has finishied fully advancing the belt (this would cause it to stop).  also check for broken / worn gears and if all esle fails, grab a multimeter, an ohmmeter, or a continuity tester and check that the switches aren't broken and also try unscrewing the motor, pulling it out, and (observing polarity) hook it up to a 9-volt and see if the motor even spins.

this happend to mine


8 years ago

Trying checking any gearing, or anything connected to the motor that makes it move. See sites like Nerfhaven for the insides of working guns, and compare it to yours. If it's not mechanical, but electrical, then (only if you are desperate and have money to spend) see a professional at someplace like Radio Shack.