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My new Symet (BEAMbot) Answered

Hi everybody.

Just wanted to share a video of my second Symet BEAMbot.
Here it is:

Hope you like it.


Watch his new talent:




9 years ago

Nice. You should embed the video like this:

I particularly like the use of the HDD platter, since I haven't figured out anything interesting to do with my collection of those... What's the clear dome made from?

I've been generally surprised that more BEAM stuff hasn't shown up on Instructables. I guess there are other forums with good tutorials, but the formats I've seen are very close, and I'd think the increased exposure would be good.

At last I learned how to embed videos here... westfw: the dome is made from a flash pop ring so it´s the Flashing LED inside used in the solar engine. Unfortunately I see BEAM robots are like dying or something, everyday I find dead links, dead forums, it's like people don't care about it anymore, microprocessors are taking place in almost every robotics project... that's really sad, I like this bugs. _lowercase


That is a really sweet symet, runs really well. Is it not a bit tall / top-heavy, though? Regarding the "death" of BEAM, I think maybe that's because "proper" robotics have become so much easier to access in the last few years. Why go to the effort of spending weeks finding all the parts for a robot, only to put them together and discover that something is burned out, when you can spend a few seconds buying a clip-together kit of new parts that does more?

Oh no, it's not top heavy at all, I made him that way so the dome remains visible, I really like the look of it so why cover it with the solar cell, besides, the HDD platter keeps the center of gravity low. and recently I found that setup to be very convenient, I attached a sharpie to the solar cell, just wait and you'll see him drawing.

Mine are still alive and kickin'. ;)