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My new assault rifle Answered

Well, Hello. This is my new assault rifle. I made this in about 3 hours. It turned out much much better than I expected. It shoots about 40ft but it has a very good strong trigger so maybe 50ft. The trigger block in the barrel works like the way Pooplord's Lever action pistol does. It requires no cut pieces although, my one has some on it. The mag is removable but its a little bit hard to do so.  I might post it, might not. Sorry for the bad(ish) picture but I was using my phone.

Adiós Amigos.


looks like an acr its awsome

No offence to Millawi Legend in saying this, but it looks nothing like an ACR.

Gun looks okay. Was the Z35 mag pusher absolutely necessary?


8 years ago

vey nice!