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My new assault rifle Answered

This is my new assault rifle and is officially the first gun I made without instructions. It uses shells to shoot, has a mag and a true trigger, also a sleek design and collapsible bipod. I was wondering what should I name it?


K2 meets AK-107 meets Kriss meets Sturmgewehr-44.

Pretty darn sweet! The only thing that i don't like that much is the bi-pod being placed so far forward Other than that, a great gun and a good 5!

...I just relized I never got this posted yet...I should do that soon HAHA

I decided to make a shell gun with my own ejection mech and new mag.

Very nice, except the bipod has been put too far forward

God, that's sweet.

post!!! and I think b.s.u.a.r sounds good.

Ok, I will definitely post it, look for it on my profile tommorow!!

$weet gun, Po$t it!

Looks awesome. Please credit me though. Think you could attach the bipod to the bottom of the gun instead of in front of it?

Don't worry you get all the credit for the shell design and chamber, and I just stuck the bipod on there, you can attach it to the bottom of the gun as well.

Very Nice. The mech is smaller than the one on mine and looks realistic.

will it work without the shells?

You should call it... Silver arrow. Sweet gun! I like it. Does it ever jam?

If it does jam it is usually on the first shot because of how much pressure is on it, but it only dose it sometimes. Thanks for the comment

i say the bsuar(Bruce's shell utilizing assault rifle) or something like that