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My new ible's not showing up! Answered

My new instructables not showing up. I submitted it a couple of hours ago. It's about muzzleloaders and black powder. Do you think the filter snagged it?


. Probably . Give it a day or two - maybe more with the weekend.

. Link? Or are you gonna make me search for it?

I'm having link problems, so look under "How to clean a Muzzleloader". Also, check under "skunkbait jr." He did one on how to load a black powder rifle.

. Dude! You've got some competition! I rated his iBle 1/2 star higher than your's.

He deserves it! He collaborated with Mrs Skunkbait and myself, but he put forth the real effort. That boy hunts DAILY. Within the Skunk Family, we've voted him "most likely to get snake bit" AND "most likely to lose a finger"!

Thanks. It's as simple and benign as my other ibles, but words like gun, weapon, and pyrodex, probably set it off.

That's what happens when you use loaded words.
waits for Goodhart to stumble in...

Nope, I refuse to shoot off my mouth this time :-)

Nobody muzzles me, I am just going to give the silent treatment.....eventually LOL

As long as you didn't put your foot in your mouth.

Oh for sure.....but it would make it easier for the doctor, if I got hoof and mouth disease they would be located at the same spot ;-)

Good thing you don't have potty mouth. You wouldn't have to run as far.

Oh no, don't say "runs" and "potty mouth" in the same sentence....yuck

Yeah, my wife kind of stays away from burritos and nachos and such for that very reason.... :-)

I didn't know the Nacho had such a reputation.

Well, not so much the Nacho(s) but the bean dip that goes with it / him ;-)

Beans, beans, are Good for your hart,
The more you eat, the fuller you art.

. That's not exactly the way I've heard that little ditty. :)

magical or wonderful fruit

of course, Lucky Charms are magical too :-)

Nacho, Nacho, Heh from Adrian Monk, Its not what you say but it's what you thunk...

. Goodhart vs. caitlinsdad - Ibles version of the Punic Wars.

Nah, I am not better....maybe I try harder LOL

...more like a "HB" type pencil instead of #2?

HB ? as in Hemoglobin? or as in Hanna Barbera ?

Oh, wait......I just looked it up....there IS an HB pencil lead weight....learn sumptin new every day ;-)

You know Boo-Boo, Ranger Smith says HB pencils are more expensive, allow you to draw a crisper line without those pencil lead flakes and smudges.

My Airsoft trip mine Instructable never showed up in the "recent" category, it only shows up in searches.

Anything with suspect words get filtered, most my handguns take a day or so to filter through. Also my latest ible got stalled, i think its cos it had the words leather, water, and touch in it...

What's wrong with leather, touch and water (as long as it's consensual)? :-)

haha! well, there just making sure.